10 Lines on Christianity

Among all the religions in the world, Christianity is one of the few very important religions. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. All the teachings and beliefs of Jesus are compiled in the religious scripture of Christianity ‘Holy Bible’ or ‘Bible’. Bible is one of the most read scripture in the world because of its wide range of spiritual knowledge and accuracy. Christianity is a very important religion and we can earn some more knowledge about it through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Christianity

Set 1

1) Christianity is one of the most popular and widely spread religions in the world.

2) According to the sources, Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ.

3) In Christianity, Jesus Christ is considered the ‘Son of the God’ and ‘Messiah’.

4) The doctrine ‘Trinity’ in Christianity refers that God comprises three distinct eternal persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5) Some important practices in Christianity are baptism, Eucharist, prayer, confession, confirmation, burial rites, marriage rites and the religious education of children.

6) Baptism is a ritual through which a person from other religions in admitted in Christianity.

7) The sacred scripture of Christianity is the ‘Holy Bible’.

8) ‘Church’ is the place where Christians visit to offer prayers.

9) Christian culture is almost equivalent to western culture.

10) Christianity has become the largest religion of the world now.

Another set of 10 lines on Christianity was needed because of information that was not shared via the first set. We have tried to summarize all the relevant facts in the 2nd set so that you must not be left with any kind of confusion. Since reading about Christianity is a matter of knowing about an important religion so let’s study it right now.

Set 2

1) Christianity started soon after the death of Jesus Christ who followed Judaism.

2) Bible, the scripture of Christianity, is one of the most ancient and accurate resources of history.

3) The first church in Christianity was established after the 50 days of death of Jesus Christ.

4) Christianity is divided in 3 branches as Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.

5) A sign of ‘cross’ facing east is considered to be sacred symbol in Christianity.

6) ‘Easter’ and ‘Christmas’ are two main festivals in Christianity.

7) Christmas is celebrated on 25th December as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

8) Many of the beliefs of Christianity are similar to those of Judaism and Islam.

9) Christianity is considered to be originated in Israel.

10) The study of Christianity and its importance is called ‘Ecclesiology’.

The most important lessons that are taught in Christianity are humanity and helpfulness. These are the tools by which one can conquer the whole world, as is said in the Bible. Christianity has spread all over the world and people accept it because of its genuine beliefs.

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