10 Lines on Jesus Christ

Christianity is one of the few major religions and is spread all over the world. The founder of Christianity was ‘Jesus Christ’ who was considered as the ‘Messiah’ by his followers. Jesus was a Jewish by birth who was baptized and later he became a spiritual preacher. He made many miracles that were impossible for common people they made people believe that he is definitely sent by God for the welfare of people. Though he had helped many people in his life but was later arrested, tortured and then crucified.

Ten Lines on Jesus Christ

10 Lines on Jesus Christ – Set 1

1) Jesus Christ was a famous Jewish preacher and Christian figure in the 1st century.

2) Despite the huge confusion about his date of birth, he was born probably before 4 B.C. and it is celebrated on 25th December.

3) Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph in Bethlehem.

4) Jesus was separated from his parents in a pilgrimage of Jerusalem and was found several days later.

5) He was baptized when he was 30 years old and then he had fast and meditated for 40 days.

6) Now Jesus started visiting nearby places and preaching people so he was called ‘Messiah’.

7) The chief priests of Jerusalem’s temple with high priest Caiaphas made a plan to arrest Jesus.

8) Jesus was arrested, beaten and then crucified with two other people (who were a thief).

9) Jesus was buried in a nearby tomb but astonishingly the tomb was found empty after 3 days.

10) His mother Mary and follower Mary Magdalene claimed that they had seen Jesus after his death and he had told them not to worry about the situation.

Another set of 10 lines on Jesus Christ is created by us to provide some other important information that is not discussed in the first set. All the information provided here is created in very easy language so that the reader can easily go through all the points and digest them. Reading about the day that we are celebrating for a very long time is a kind of fun so let’s have that fun.

10 Lines on Jesus Christ – Set 2

1) People assume that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of God or the son of God in the 1st century.

2) Jesus Christ was also called the ‘Son of Nazareth’ in those days.

3) Jesus’ follower Peter denoted him by ‘Christ’ so he was made the leader of the Church.

4) Denoting ‘The Son of God’ to Jesus is called the ‘Transfiguration’ and is a defining moment in Christianity.

5) Jesus was baptized by the prophet John the Baptist and since then he started preaching people about Christianity.

6) The 4 gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the important resources of information about Jesus.

7) Jesus used to do carpentry in his childhood which was the occupation of his father Joseph.

8) The miracle by Jesus was when he had turned water in wine at the request of his mother in a wedding feast of Cana.

9) Only 3 people have fasted for continuously 40 days in the Bible and Jesus is one of them.

10) Jesus was arrested and crucified only because he had claimed himself the Son of the God which was considered to be a sin.

5 Lines on Jesus Christ

1) Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

2) He was born to Mary and Joseph.

3) He is the most important figure in Christianity.

4) He is believed to be the Son of God.

5) He was crucified on a cross.

20 Lines on Jesus Christ

1) Jesus Christ was a Jewish preacher and a religious leader.

2) Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in the first century.

3) He was born in the house of Mary and Joseph.

4) He is known for his miracles, teachings, and death on the cross.

5) He is considered the “Messiah” by Christian people.

6) Jesus Christ is also considered as the “son of God”.

7) He is the central figure of Christian religion.

8) He is also believed to have ascended to heaven after his revival.

9) Jesus is seen as a leader who came to bring peace between God and humanity.

10) Jesus’ death and resurrection are the basis of the Christian faith.

11) Jesus taught about the importance of love, faith, and forgiveness.

12) Jesus’ life and teachings can be found in the Bible and other religious texts.

13) Jesus is worshipped in churches and by millions of followers around the world.

14) The life of Jesus is mentioned in the Gospels of the New Testament.

15) Jesus taught us to love one another and to forgive our enemies.

16) Jesus is seen as a symbol of hope and forgiveness.

17) Jesus was arrested and executed by crucifixion at the age of 33.

18) After crucifixion, Jesus was revived on the third day.

19) Jesus’ revival is seen as a victory over death.

20) Jesus is seen as the way to salvation and the one who can bring peace and joy to our lives.

Since all these events had happened much earlier that is why we don’t have any document till now that can tell us the exact date on which Jesus was born. 25th December to be celebrated as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ was suggested by some earlier Churches. By the way, the world will continue celebrating 25th December because he is still considered to be the ‘Son of the God’.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Jesus Christ

Q.1 Which days are associated with Jesus Christ?

Ans. In Christianity, Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday is associated with Jesus Christ.

Q.2 What was the real name of Jesus Christ?

Ans. In Hebrew, Jesus was known as “Yeshua,” which translates to “Joshua” in English.

Q.3 How many gospels are there in the New Testament?

Ans. Luke, John, Mark, and Matthew are the four gospels found in the New Testament.

Q.4 When did Christ added in Jesus’ name?

Ans. Christ was added in Jesus’ name after his death.

Q.5 What was the occupation of Jesus?

Ans. According to the New Testament, Jesus was a good carpenter.

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