10 Lines on Jamsetji Tata

The TATA has undoubtedly become the largest brand in India. It could never be so great if not founded by Jamsetji Tata. You can read about him below because we have provided some sets of 10 lines on Jamsetji Tata. These sets will help you in understanding the biography of Jamsetji Tata.

Ten Lines on Jamsetji Tata

Set – 1

1) Jamsetji Tata was an industrialist in India.

2) He was the founder of TATA Groups.

3) He had born on 3 March 1839 in Gujarat.

4) He completed a part of his education from Elphinstone College in Mumbai.

5) His father ran a business in which he worked for many years.

6) He visited many countries for growing his father’s business.

7) He started TATA Groups in 1968 as a trading company.

8) His founded TATA Groups is currently a conglomerate of 100 or more companies.

9) He died in Germany on 19 May 1904.

10) Jamsetji Tata has made history by founding TATA Groups.

Set – 2

1) He had married to Heerabai Daboo.

2) His father, Nusserwanji, was the first member of his community to set-up a business.

3) Jamsetji founded Alexander Mill at the time when starting a new business in India was not easy.

4) Before TATA Groups, he had started few other businesses which failed.

5) Establishing an Iron and Steel Industry, an Educational Institute, a hydro-electric plant, and a grand hotel was the dream of Jamsetji Tata.

6) The Taj Hotel in Mumbai was established by him in 1903.

7) Jamsetji Tata had a good relationship with freedom fighters of those days.

8) He was actively involved in social welfare programs.

9) His TATA Groups are currently being held by his son Ratan Tata.

10) After his death, his body was cremated at Brookwood Cemetery in England.

You have read a short and brief biography of Jamsetji Tata. Despite, you also read a short biography of the Tata Group of Industries. Because we have created the sets in very easy and straight language, we hope that you might not have gone through any hurdle. Thanks for reading.

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