10 Lines on Anand Mahindra

Success is not inherited but achieved through the hard work, and Anand Mahindra has proved it. All that is worth to be read is available below in the sets of 10 lines. In these sets, we presented information about Anand Mahindra through some points. You should read them if you want to know about him in a very short time. These facts and information will help you for sure. So let’s go.

Ten Lines on Anand Mahindra

Set 1

1) Anand Mahindra is the current Chairman cum Managing Director of the Mahindra group.

2) He loves reading, playing tennis, sailing boats and he is also a great fan of world cinema.

3) He lives in Mumbai with his wife Anuradha Mahindra and two daughters Aalika and Divya.

4) His wife Anuradha Mahindra is associated with founding, editing and publishing the famous lifestyle magazine “Verve”.

5) Anand Mahindra is the founder of ‘Nanhi Kali’ program, which provides free education to the economically weaker girls.

6) He has co-founded Naandi Danone to supply clean water in the rural areas of India.

7) He is very active on social media, with more than 2.54 million followers on Twitter.

8) Anand Mahindra has also served as the President of the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

9) The hobbies of Anand Mahindra include watching movies and doing photography.          

10) He is in the top successful Business stalwarts in Asia with net assets worth $1.22 Billion.

Set 2

1) Anand Mahindra had joined Lawrence School, Lovedale in Ooty for schooling.

2) K.C. Mahindra, J.C. Mahindra, and Ghulam Muhammad had jointly founded Mahindra Group as a steel trading.

3) After grand-father J.C. Mahindra and father Harish Mahindra, Anand Mahindra is the third in the business.

4) Under his guidance and leadership, the Mahindra group experienced fast growth.

5) He launched Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited in the year 2003.

6) Anand got special training in Film-making at Harvard.

7) He simply joined the family business and called himself an accidental businessman.

8) At present, Mahindra Group manufactures vehicles like MUVs, LCVs, and three-wheelers.

9) He bought Satyam Computers in 2009 and ventured into the computer world after renaming Mahindra-Satyam.

10) Anand invested $120 on his dream project- the Scorpio.

Anand has succeeded in converting the Mahindra Group from a jeep and truck producing firm to a multi-national organization with Utility Vehicles, Multi Utility Vehicles, and Sports Utility Vehicles. He had shown his dedication towards his ambition, and we hope that his further contribution will provide us with a bright future.

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