10 Lines on Instagram

Internet is full of many social networking sites each of which serve with their own unique features different from others. Some of the popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. All these are broadly used by people and admired for their uniqueness. Among all these, Instagram is the most recent platform for social networking and is used by the people from all around the world. Instagram started working independently but could not get much popularity until it was bought by Facebook and it made a drastic gain in the number of users of Instagram. There is other such information which we have brought through the sets below.

Ten Lines on Instagram in English

The first set of 10 lines on Instagram is provided below.

The set is created with some very important information like history, origin, functioning etc.

The facts provided are prepared with the use of easy language and basic words so that the readers can easily read and understand each point.

The usefulness of the set can be evaluated by the readers only after reading the set so let’s begin reading it now.

10 Lines on Instagram – Set 1

1) Instagram is a popular social networking platform for sharing photos and videos.

2) Instagram provides facility to upload, edit and share user’s photos and videos on Instagram.

3) It was launched on 6th October 2010 by two friends Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

4) Instagram can be operated through Computer and also from other devices like Smart phone, tablet and other devices.

5) Instagram officially released the ios application on 6th October 2010.

6) Facebook released its Android application on 3rd April 2012 and was downloaded more than 1 million times on the same day.

7) Facebook purchased Instagram on 9th April 2012 for US $1 billion in cash and stock.

8) Instagram was completely blocked in China in 2014 and still is censored with limited services available for people in China.

9) Instagram is a good place for businessmen to promote their brands, goods and services.

10) Instagram has got a huge popularity in very short time and the number of active users in it is much more than that on Twitter.

The second set of 10 lines on Instagram is given below. The set is very important and contains some such information on the topic that was not discussed before. The points of the set can be used by the readers in essays, speeches or other projects on the same topic to put a good impression on the people. Let’s not talk much and head towards the first point of set now.

10 Lines on Instagram – Set 2

1) The word ‘Instagram’ came from ‘Instant Photo and Telegram’.

2) Instagram brought ‘Stories’ feature in 2016 through which the user can share some special moments visible for only 24 hours.

3) User can follow desired people on Instagram to check their activities and stay updated.

4) The first photo on Instagram was posted by its co-founder Kevin Systrom on 16th July 2010.

5) Instagram was initially named as ‘Codename’ which changed to ‘Instagram’ before launch.

6) Instagram is the second most used social networking site right after Facebook.

7) Instagram was on core in Cyber Bullying in the year 2017.

8) Instagram is preferably used by companies for marketing of products and brands.

9) The most number of users on Instagram belong to United States.

10) The Instagram has its headquarter located at Menlo Park in California.

It will not be injustice to say that Instagram has brought a change in definition of social networking website. It has provided an advantage to businessmen and entrepreneurs in marketing their ideas and gaining more people in the process. Watching and experiencing the moments of those whom you follow is fun and learning together. Instagram must be used with a purpose of fun and only then it can serve us the best.