10 Lines on Messenger

The wide use of Smart phones and Internet has brought a huge competition in the field of social networking sites. There are many such platforms being used by the user on the basis of their provided services and utility. Few of the most famous of them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Among these, Facebook is the most popular social networking platform reaching every corner of the world and covering every possible feature for the user. Facebook is well known for improving its services consistently and in the series the Facebook launched the Facebook Messenger which is equally loved and welcomed by the user.

Ten Lines on Messenger in English

We have provided below the first set of 10 lines on Messenger which can be helpful in understanding the important history and background of the Messenger application.

The points below will also provide the information on why the step was taken by Facebook and what its result was.

The few or all of the points below will help the students to prepare a brief essay, speech or any other project on the topic.

Let’s check the set now.

10 Lines on Messenger – Set 1

1) Messenger, also known as Facebook Messenger, is a free messaging platform.

2) Messenger was released by Facebook on 9th August 2011.

3) The app was initially launched for android and ios users only.

4) The messaging was removed from Facebook application and transferred to Messenger application in April 2014.

5) Messenger provides facility to sign up without having any Facebook account.

6) Messenger started money transfer service for only users of United States in March 2015.

7) Messenger can be used for having instant gaming experience and the service started in November of 2016.

8) Facebook showed a rapid growth in number of users, right after being separated from Facebook application.

9) Messenger can also be used for sharing photos, videos and important documents.

10) Facebook can be used for chatting with Facebook friends and also with people in the phone’s contact list of user.

Below is provided another set of 10 lines on Messenger. The below set will highlight some features of Messenger other than text messaging.  The set has also discussed how people are taking it and how much success it has achieved in attaining its goal. The use of easy language has increased its usefulness for the reader and we hope that the below set will help the reader in clearing all his/her doubts.

 10 Lines on Messenger – Set 2

1) Before Messenger, the service was developed as Facebook Chat in 2008.

2) The messenger application retrieves Facebook account of the user to provide its services.

3) Messenger introduced ‘Messenger Lite’ with low file size in 2016.

4) Data shows that almost 60% of Facebook users also use Messenger.

5) Messenger provides the facilities of calling and video chat too.

6) Approximately 3 hundred thousand developers are working on Messenger to maintain and improve its services.

7) Messenger is the 2nd most preferred ios application after Facebook at the first position.

8) Messenger comes with a bunch of services like clicking, editing and uploading photos and videos and sharing documents and locations.

9) After having Facebook, downloading another app (Messenger) for messaging seems irritating for some people.

10) “Messenger is an effort to provide better services to the user in different ways” says the company.

Facebook has always tried to provide best of its services to the user and also has passed most of the times. Facebook Messenger, or we can call just Messenger, is a unique idea of Facebook of separating messaging service from other Facebook Services. It has brought convenience for those who use Facebook mainly for messaging. Facebook is growing constantly and we can expect some other great services like Messenger from Facebook soon.