10 Lines on ICC

International cricket council or ICC is the global controlling and governing organization of cricket. It also acts as an observing body for keeping checks and balances in the game. It also maintains the ethics of the game. Since all of us know that cricket is a ‘gentlemen’s game’. Walking on this motto, ICC has always set up a benchmark so that the goodness and honesty of the game remain intact. It always tries to keep the sportsman spirit alive. ICC is the sole responsible for organising the world level event known as the world cup, it conducts world cups in one day as well as in T20 format of the game.

Ten Lines on ICC

Set 1

1) The ‘International Cricket Council’ (ICC) is the global controlling body of cricket.

2) The ICC was founded as the ‘Imperial Cricket Conference’ in 1909 which continued till 1965.

3) ICC was founded by the representatives from England, Australia, and South Africa.

4) Later, ICC’s name was further changed to the ‘International Cricket Conference’ in 1965.

5) ICC is the sole responsible for the organising of cricket’s major international tournaments.

6) ICC implements the ICC code of conduct which sets professional playing standards.

7) ICC organizes world cups in two tournaments viz. one-day internationals and T20s.

8) ICC also appoints umpires and referees to give decisions in tests, one day and T20s.

9) The office of the ICC is located in Dubai and it is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

10) ‘Shashank Manohar’ is the serving chairman of the ICC; he is on the chair since 2015.

Set 2

1) International cricket council or ICC is the sole body that governs the game of cricket, it conducts cricket world cups, a multi-nation cricket event.

2) ICC conducts world cups in two formats viz, one day and T20; one-day world cup is organized after four years and the T20 world cup every two years.

3) ICC not only organizes matches for men but also for women, ICC organized women world cups and world T20, it also organizes the u-19 boys world cup.

4) Till now ICC is a very big group of 105 members where 12 countries are full members and play all three formats with 93 countries are affiliate members.

5) On 15th June 1909, representatives from England, South Africa and Australia met at lord’s, after this meeting imperial cricket conference was established.

6) In 1926, West Indies and India were given full member status, in 1952 Pakistan was given this status hence the number of members became seven.

7) In July 1989 meeting, the imperial cricket conference changed its name into the international cricket council (ICC) and was granted all the controlling rights.

8) In 1975, ICC organized its first-ever world cup in England, till now the 12th edition of the cricket world cup is being played in 2019 in England.

9) In 2007, ICC organized its first-ever world T20 in South Africa, till now 6 editions of world T20 have been played with the last played in India in 2016.

10) Every country’s cricket board is the member ICC approves all the bilateral series in all formats as well as triangular series of either one day or T20.

Set 3

 1) The International Cricket Council is the governing and regulatory body of cricketing competitions around the world.

2) Apart from organizing competitions and events, it annually awards the most successful players and teams in its field in cricket, ranking the ranking of players and teams.

3) It appoints umpires in international matches everywhere.

4) The ICC has 106 members; 10 full members that play test matches, 38 associate members, and 57 affiliated members.

5) It announced the ICC Code of Conduct, which sets the professional standards of discipline for international cricket.

6) It also coordinated action against corruption and match-fixing through its Anti-Corruption and Security Unit.

7) The International Cricket Council views the playing conditions, the bowling review, and other ICC rules.

8) The ICC has passed a “Code of Conduct” that has become necessary to follow players in teams and international matches.

9) Where violations of this Code of Conduct are found, can usually apply penalties on the players as well as on the entire team.

10) The ICC mainly generates income from the ICC Cricket World Cup and distributes the majority of that income to its members.

Set 4

1) The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the international governing body of cricket.

2) In 1909, it was established as the “Imperial Cricket Conference” by representatives of England, Australia and South Africa.

3) It was renamed as International Cricket Conference in 1965 and in 1989 it was renamed as International Cricket Council (ICC).

4) Its current Chairman is Shashank Manohar and Chief Executive Officer is David Richardson.

5) The ICC is responsible for organizing major international cricket tournaments, with the main being the “Cricket World Cup”.

6) ICC does not make any rules about domestic cricket tournaments held in member countries.

7) The main source of income of the ICC is the organization of tournaments mainly Cricket World Cup.

8) Between 2007 and 2015, the ICC received US $ 1.6 billion in revenue from sponsorship and television rights.

9) Other means of income of ICC include income from membership and sponsorship of ICC and income from investment.

10) The ICC operates 3 types of umpire’s panel i.e. Elite Panel, International Panel, and Associates & Related Panel.

When the case of corruption comes, ICC becomes tough on that situation and it leaves no stone unturned to make the process partial and non-discriminatory. ICC is also against any kind of drug abuse and it conducts anti-doping tests of every player so that the game of cricket should not be maligned. ICC appoints umpires and referees, umpires to keep an eye on every activity and conduct of every player and if anyone found guilty, the action is taken against him.

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