10 Lines on Gopinath Bordoloi

Gopinath Bordoloi was a well-known figure of Assam. He was a freedom fighter, political activist, socialite, a lawyer and above all he was the first Chief Minister of Assam after India got its independence in 1950. Gopinath Bordoloi was a staunch supporter of Gandhiji and he also took part in every major movement which was started by Gandhiji.

He participated in the movements like non-cooperation and quit India movement and also took it to the people of Assam. Gopinath Bordoloi was called ‘Lokapriya’ meaning ‘dear to all’. Since he was a true Gandhian, he always adopted the teachings of Gandhiji throughout his life.

Ten Lines on Gopinath Bordoloi

Set 1

1) Gopinath Bordoloi was an Indian freedom fighter and a great political activist.

2) He also served as the first Chief Minister of Assam after Indian freedom.

3) Bordoloi was also known as “Lokapriya” which means ‘loved by all people’.

4) He was born on 10th June 1890 in Raha located in Guwahati, Assam.

5) He completed his matriculation in 1907 from Cotton College, Calcutta.

6) Gopinath was also a qualified lawyer and was practicing law in Guwahati.

7) He joined Indian National Congress in Assam as a volunteer in 1921.

8) While taking part in the non-cooperation movement in 1922, he was also arrested.

9) Bordoloi is considered as the leader who protected Assam from getting separated.

10) Gopinath Bordoloi died on 5th August, 1950 in Guwahati, serving as the Chief Minister.

Set 2

1) Gopinath Bordoloi was an eminent politician and an Indian independence activist who made his efforts in getting Assam united with India.

2) He was the first Chief Minister of Assam and the Governor of Assam, Mr. Jayram Das Doulatram conferred him with the title ‘Lokapriya’.

3) He was born in Guwahati, Assam to parents ‘Buddheswar Bordoloi’ and ‘Praneswari Bordoloi’.

4) Bordoloi passed his intermediate examination with 1st division in 1909 and got admission in Scottish Church College and graduated in 1911.

5) He passed his MA examination from the University of Calcutta in 1914 and he also studied law for three years and started practicing as a lawyer.

6) In 1920, He joined the non-cooperation movement after getting influenced by Gandhiji and also started a revolution in Assam.

7) In 1934, Gopinath Bordoloi was elected as the chairman of the Guwahati Municipality and became very popular through his work.

8) In 1942, he participated in Quit India Movement on the call of Gandhiji and started an agitation in Assam also and was jailed up to 1945.

9) After the independence of India, Gopinath became the first Chief Minister of Assam and contributed a lot to the welfare and integrity of Assam with India.

10) Bordoloi received a highly prestigious award ‘Bharat Ratna’ posthumously in 1999 and the International Airport of Assam has been named after him.

Set 3

1) Gopinath Bordoloi was a noted freedom fighter and the first Chief Minister of the state of Assam.

2) He actively participated in the Indian freedom movement.

3) He has also been called the ‘creator of modern Assam’.

4) After the independence of the country, he worked closely with the contemporary Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

5) Due to his efforts, Assam escaped from China and East Pakistan and became an integral part of India.

6) As all the leaders of the time, Gopinath Bordoloi was also a follower of Gandhi’s policy of ‘non-violence’.

7) He spent his entire life working for Assam and its people.

8) He was a man of progressive ideas and strived to modernize Assam throughout his life.

9) In view of his loyalty to the state, he was honorably named as ‘Lokpriya'(the Popular).

10) He wrote many books like Annasakti Yoga, Sri Ramachandra, Hazrat Mohammad, and Buddha while in jail.

Set 4

1) The popular Gopinath Bordoloi was born on 10th June 1890 at a place called Roha in Naugaon district of Assam.

2) His father’s name was Buddhaeshwar Bordoloi and his mother’s name was Praneshwari Bordoloi.

3) When Gopinath was only 12 years old, his mother went to heaven.

4) He passed the matriculation examination in 1907 from Cotton College in Guwahati and Intermediate examination in first class in 1909.

5) After that, he went to Kolkata for higher education from where he had first completed his B.A. and after that M.A. in 1914.

6) After this, he studied law for three years and then returned to Guwahati.

7) After moving to Guwahati, he initially served as Principal in Sonaram High School and then started legal practice in 1917.

8) When Assam Congress was established in 1922 he joined Congress as a volunteer, which proved to be his first step in politics.

9) He called upon the people to boycott foreign goods, non-cooperation with the British and wear clothes made up of Khadi in place of foreign cloth.

10) He worked hard to rehabilitate the millions of exiles from East Pakistan after partition.

Gopinath Bordoloi was such a strong leader that when India was getting independent along with Pakistan, then there was an issue of keeping Assam with India. Gopinath Bordoloi started working closely with Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the then Home Minister of India and integrated Assam with India. Bordoloi became the first Chief Minister of Assam but he didn’t leave his practice of bringing peace and harmony in the society as well as in-country, that’s why he was called ‘Lokapriya.

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