10 Lines on Good Manners

Good manners can be described as behaviour of a person with other people, with courtesy and politeness. Good manners transform a human being into a civilized human being. Good manners define a behavioural pattern which is socially accounted and acceptable as well as respected. Teaching good manners to the children is a process which is nearly associated with the overall development of their personality.

Child first learns manners at home through his elders, he sees them while they are present in the home, from the instructions and examples which we give to him, a basic understanding is developed in his mind that how should I behave and interact with others.

Ten Lines on Good Manners in English

We are giving 10 lines on good manners in English. After going through these lines, you will be able to understand about need for having good manners. It will also help you in writing your essay and paragraph in exam or in any competition.

10 Lines on Good Manners – 1

1) Good manners tell us how we must behave with others in a respectful and a polite way.

2) It includes our thinking, behaviour, gesture and way of talking with others.

3) It converts a normal human being into a civilized well-being or a nobleman.

4) Good manners are inculcated in the children at a very young age.

5) While teaching good manners to children, always quote examples, as examples are the best way to make them learn.

6) Always stand and greet when someone comes to your home and at the time when he leaves.

7) Always ask “May I” before taking something from someone and always reply with “Please” if someone asks to take something from you.

8) When someone offers something to you, in order to greet him reply with “Thank You”.

9) When a child wants to say something, before that say “Excuse Me”, never interrupt two persons while they are talking.

10) Don’t try to impose your opinion on others, respect their opinion and listen to them also.


We have provided another set of lines on good manners so that after reading, you will be able to inculcate good manners in yourself. Furthermore, you can add these lines in your speech and extempore while participating in a competition.


10 Lines on Good Manners – 2

1) Before entering into somebody’s room always knock the door as it is also considered a good manner.

2) When you have done some mistake; then always say “Sorry” to apologize to others.

3) Look for any kind of opportunity or occasion to compliment others; it helps you in having healthy relationships.

4) Always share your things with others, this shows how caring you are for others.

5) There is a general perception to ‘give respect and take respect’ i.e. treat others in that manner so that you get the same treatment from others.

6) Having food together with your family is a good manner, as some table manners are related with this and by doing so a child will learn those manners.

7) Shake hands and say “Hello” to others or “Namaste” to the elders whenever you meet them.

8) While talking to others don’t be harsh, be calm and polite with them and always talk good.

9) If you want to go out, ask your parents for permission and if they allow you to go then only you proceed, it also applies with your teachers in school.

10) You must try to be obedient and always follow what your parents are asking you to do.

By adopting good manners, one can bring a change in his personality and will attract others also. Having good manners helps you to make friends and brighten the atmosphere. Good manners give you success in your life as they are more important to be successful because people will soon forget how successful you are, but will remember how you behaved with them.

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