10 Lines on Good Habits

Habits are the activities that we do on a regular basis. Habits may be good or bad based on their consequences. Our elders always ask us to have good habits rather than bad habits. We have created some sets of 10 lines on ‘Good Habits’ which can help you in finding the perfect meaning of good habits. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Good Habits in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Good Habits in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Good Habits

1) Practising good habits changes our overall personality.

2) Good habits not only change overall personality but also give us appreciation from our elders.

3) After seeing us practising good habits, other people also get encouraged and start practising it.

4) It helps to make good friends and also in creating a good atmosphere for us.

5) To become a successful person, one must practice good habits.

6) If you are practising good habits, it will become your quality after some time.

7) Good habits keep you happy and content, which is very important in today’s life.

8) After starting to practice good habits, it brings positivity in our lives.

9) When we start any good habit and become used to of it, our brain acts according to that.

10) Most of the people are fond of wasting time, but good habits prevent us from wasting our time.

10 Lines and Sentences on Good Habits

1) Eating healthy food is good, whereas unhealthy and unhygienic food brings diseases.

2) While having food, table manners are important as it makes a child civilised in society.

3) Brushing twice a day gets us healthy tooth and gums.

4) There is a saying “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise”.

5) Playing outdoor games makes a child physically, mentally tough and develop leadership qualities in him.

6) Cleaning the dirt or the mess spread by the child is also a good habit.

7) Being responsible and careful about money is a good habit as it tells the importance of money and savings.

8) Making a habit of saying “please” and “thank you” will put you as kind-hearted and generous.

9) After eating foods from packets and wrappers, throw them in the dustbin box instead of littering everywhere.

10) Tell your child about the habit of sharing as to how sharing changes an important part of our life.

10 Lines on Good Habits

5 Lines on Good Habits

1) Good habits make us a good person.

2) It helps to be disciplined.

3) It keeps us happy and healthy.

4) Good habits make us successful.

5) Everyone loves a person with good habits.

20 Lines on Good Habits

1) Good habits are essential for all.

2) A person with good habits gets respect from all.

3) In life, success becomes much easy to achieve if one has good habits.

4) Good habits constitute a way of living, so we should practice them every day.

5) Good habits mark the foundation of a strong character and a successful future.

6) Good behaviours that we practice daily come out to be our good habits.

7) Never getting late for school and always behaving disciplined is also a good habit.

8) Everyone wants to befriend with the person who has good habits.

9) Without good habits, success is incomplete and loses its sheen.

10) Going early to bed and getting up early in the morning are some of the good habits.

11) A good habit is a beneficial behaviour to one’s physical and mental health.

12) Keeping your room, house and surroundings clean and tidy is a good habit.

13) Not littering the garbage and always throwing it in the dustbin is a good habit.

14) Being positive and also inspiring others is a good habit.

15) Behaving respectfully with others and always listening to them is also a good habit.

16) Honesty, hard work and patience are some of the good habits to achieve success in life.

17) Being kind to animals and other living creatures is also a good habit.

18) Clipping your nails and never leaving food in the plate are good habits.

19) Preparing for the work, exams in advance are also some of the essential habits.

20) Good habits make a person successful and respected by others.

Good habits are not difficult to practice. One can adopt these habits at any moment. The only thing needed is commitment; commitment to change self, overall personality and above and all the life. After having these good habits, you will see the change in your life, as what it was before and what it is now after practicing good habits.

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