10 Lines on Best Friend

We often go through the contact of many people in our life. Some of them have no impact on us while some become our friends. Among those friends of ours, a very rare comes to be our best friend. He has some such qualities which impress us. Reading about a best friend will be fun which we have brought through the sets of 10 lines below. You should check them, and I am sure that they will amuse you.

Ten Lines on Best Friend in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Best Friend in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Best Friend

1) A best friend justifies the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

2) You may have lots of friends, but you give priority to your best friend.

3) He is the only friend whom you value more than your other friends.

4) He is the only person with whom you love to do everything such as making fun, visiting places or outing etc.

5) Life becomes incomplete without the best friend; he/she is the person who makes your moment joyful.

6) She/he is the person on whom you can trust, and you believe that he/she will never let you down.

7) A best friend is always loyal and honest towards his friend.

8) Sometimes you hide any matter from your best friend, but he can know what is going in your heart and mind.

9) He is the person who will never let you fall in those things or habits which are harmful to you or your future.

10) A best friend is more than just being a best friend; he is like a brother or sister of yours.

10 Lines and Sentences on Best Friend

1) There becomes good chemistry between you and the best friend as he reads your mind and knows your thoughts.

2) He might have a good sense of humour.

3) On a crucial point in time, your best friend will give you a right and real opinion.

4) He is the real sympathizer of yours when you are going through a tough time, and nobody cares about you.

5) When your parents scold you, it is the best friend who makes you happy and energizing.

6) In any event, competition, a best friend boosts up our morale and shows that nobody can defeat us.

7) You have the backing of your best friend as whatever may be the situation.

8) He is the only person with whom you share every matter, whether happiness or sorrow.

9) “International Day of Friendship” is celebrated on 30th of July, every year, declared by the UN.

10) When the power and strength of the bond between two people get stronger and stiffer enough, it gives rise to best friendship.

5 Lines on Best Friend

1) My best friend is Anuj.

2) I share everything with him.

3) He helps in my every work.

4) He never leaves me alone.

5) We always play together.

20 Lines on Best Friend

1) A best friend is someone with whom you would love to spend your time.

2) A best friend is always on your side, whether in happiness or sorrow.

3) You can always trust your best friend in any situation.

4) A best friend knows all your secrets but never reveals it to anyone.

5) A best friend is someone who always cares for you and never lets you down.

6) A best friend always helps you in studies whether in-home works or during exams.

7) A best friend lifts always lift your morale whenever you are feeling low.

8) Your best friend is mostly to stay on your side throughout your life.

9) A best friend always makes you laugh irrespective of their mood.

10) Your best friends always understand your silence.

11) A best friend is like a gift of God for companionship in happiness and sorrow.

12) You always turn up to your best friend whenever you are bored or joyous.

13) A best friend can be a key to success and happiness.

14) The best friend always speaks the truth about us whether we like it or not.

15) A true friend always speaks well about us.

16) A true friend always leaves an impression on our heart.

17) A best friend stays with us selflessly with no hidden motives.

18) A best friend never looks at the watch when she/he is with us.

19) A best friend will never leave us side in any situation.

20) A best friend is the most valuable asset who never leaves us side.

In everybody’s life, there is a best friend who is very special. When a person meets him, he never feels bored and imagines that time could become still and could never pass. This is the essence of friendship. We can say that the best friends are reflections of each other. If one is a physical body, then the best friend is the shadow of it. We must keep and retain our best friend with us.

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