10 Lines on Friendship

Friendship is a bond between two or more mutually understanding individuals. A true friendship is the one who is never broken irrespective of any situation. Real friends share each and everything with each other and there is a sense of trust and responsibility among themselves. Friendship is not dependent on age, caste, creed or religion; it could happen between any one irrespective of his social or the financial status. Apart from the family, friendship is the bond on which you can rely and trust upon. True friends always stay with you in your thick or thin situations.

Ten Lines on Friendship

Set 1

1) Friendship is the mutual bond between individuals who might share same mindset or thoughts.

2) A good friend is the one with whom you can share your personal thoughts which you can’t share with your family members.

3) Friendship deepens with the passing of time and converts into a strong relationship.

4) In a true friendship, each person tries to bring a positive change in other and always shows the righteous path.

5) A sense of sacrifice is the one of the most important characteristic of a true friendship.

6) A true friend is always ready for sacrifice for the sake of betterment of his friends.

7) Friendship also helps in providing care and support to the friends during their bad times.

8) There is always a sense of respect and responsibility in true friendship.

9) ‘A friend in need is friend indeed’ is a famous proverb which signifies the essence of a true friendship.

10) The friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama was an example of selfless bond of friendship.

Set 2

1) Friendship is selfless relationship between two or more person with a sense of affection and esteem.

2) Friendship can happen between any individuals irrespective of their geographical boundaries or nationality.

3) One can easily share his deepest secrets with a true friend which might not be possible even with our family members.

4) There are many people who befriend rich individuals for the sake of money and escape the vicinity whenever their friend is in a difficult situation which is not a true friendship.

5) A true friend will never leave his friends whatever be the situation and will always stand strong beside them.

6) Friendship acts as a balm on the pain of sorrows, grieves and suffering of life.

7) Friendship can also prosper with animals, since they are the one who will never betray you.

8) The adverse condition helps to test the authenticity of friendship, as it is also rightly said ‘prosperity gains friends and adversity tries them’.

9) True friendship is rare to find but if found it should be preserved and nurtured throughout our life.

10) Friendship is a bond which heightens our happiness, lightens our sorrows and brightens our lives.

Set 3

1) Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection, care and concern among two or more people.

2) Friendship is very essential for human beings who are known as social animal.

3) A good friendship establishes moral values and infuses the feelings of sharing and caring.

4) Friendship ensures that there is always someone by your side in need and despair.

5) Friendship gives you an opportunity to interact and socialize with others, besides your family.

6) Friendship is a tool to be happy in sorrow and to stay joyful while feeling happy.

7) Friendship is a wonderful relationship which lessens your sorrow and multiplies your happiness.

8) Friendship is not limited to humans only but is also found between human-animal and animal-animal.

9) Friendship is like lending your shoulder to someone to cry on and holding his/her hand through pain.

10) If you are comfortable in someone’s company and always want to be with him/her – It is friendship.

Set 4

1) Friendship is a cordial and trust based relationship shared between two or more people.

2) Friendship that exists between two persons for mutual benefits is termed as friendship of utility.

3) Friendship in which two or more people enjoy each other’s company is called friendship of pleasure.

4) Friendship mutually provides emotional, psychological and at times financial support to friends.

5) Centuries old human dog relationship is a fine example of human- animal friendship.

6) Friendship is also not age bound and even exists between adolescents and elderly.

7) Friendship is a blessing in form of love, care and concern which stays with you throughout your life.

8) Friendship gives a reason to smile even when all the doors shut down on your face.

9) A friendship which is based purely on love and not on mutual benefit is the best form of friendship.

10) True friendship and friends are rare to find and must be preserved at any cost.

Friendship is one of the most precious relationships we have in our lives and true friends are the assets which should be always nurtured and preserved. Friendship is like a sapling of plant which grows by time and matures to become a tree of strong bond of mutual affection and care. It should be always kept away from the termites of ego and self respect so that the fruits of friendship could make our life sweeter and healthier.

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