10 Lines on Climate Change

Climate change is the change in weather patterns across the world, which exists for a very long time. It is a change experienced differently in various parts of the earth. It indicates the change in earth’s climatic conditions with the passage of time; which could range from decades to millions of years. It is caused by some factors such as changes in solar radiation received on earth, volcanic eruption, and some human activities are also involved, such as global warming.

We can see the ill effects of climate change in our world. The glaciers are shrinking, water in rivers are drying faster and trees and plants are getting matured earlier and are producing flowers and fruits sooner than their actual time.

Ten Lines on Climate Change in English

Below we have given 10 lines on climate change in English, after going through these lines you will better understand – “what is climate change”? Further you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exams and in various competitions.

10 Lines on Climate Change – Set 1

1) It is a change in condition of weather around the world.

2) It can sustain for extended period of time, may be a decade or millions of years.

3) It is caused due to certain variation in solar radiation absorbed by earth, volcanic eruptions etc.

4) Certain human activities are also responsible for climate change such as “Global Warming”.

5) Overall temperature increases of earth due to “Greenhouse Effect” caused by carbon di-oxide, CFCs and other pollutants; known as Green House Gases.

6) Factors which can change the climate are called “Climate Forcing”; it can be either internal or external.

7) Internal mechanisms are caused by the natural processes inside that climate system. Ex- volcanic eruptions.

8) External mechanisms are caused due to involvement of human beings. Ex- emission of greenhouse gases, pollution.

9) It has been observed that in 20th century most of the years till now have been very warm compared to the years of 19th century.

10) The glaciers in Antarctica are melting rapidly since the year 2002.

We are providing another set of 10 lines on climate change which will be helpful to you in order to understand the effects of climate change. You can include these lines in your speeches and presentations in seminars in school or outside on the occasion of “World Environment Day” on 5th June.

10 Lines on Climate Change – Set 2

1) Climate change is the gravest and very crucial problem which no one can ignore; it is spreading its leg in India too.

2) In previous years the average temperature of India has increased up to 1.1 degree Celsius.

3) Global warming is responsible for climate change as it influences the environment badly.

4) Due to global warming the living beings are forced to come out of their natural habitat and gradually become extinct.

5) Climate change has led to disturbances in weather pattern across the globe and resulted in unusual changes in monsoon.

6) According to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), global temperature has increased up to 1.5 to 2.5 degree Celsius.

7) Greenhouse gas especially carbon di-oxide is responsible for the rise in temperature and thus creates global warming and hence climate changes.

8) Heavy industrialisation has led to pollution in the surrounding of the nearby area, thus damages the ecosystem.

9) Monsoon becomes unpredictable due to climate change, sometimes causes draught and sometimes flood like situation.

10) Researchers say that by few years a number of small countries are going to submerge in the sea due to global warming.

10 Lines on Climate Change – Set 3

A new set of ten Lines on Climate Change is being created through the following points that will provide you some useful lines about the change of climatic condition that is effecting the life forms on the earth.

These points, from the set of ten Lines on Climate Change, are tried to present in simple words for the convenience of the readers so that everyone can access to the objectives. These facts will explain about the causes of climate change, its effect on living things and researches are being studied.

1) Climate change refers to the change in climatic conditions on Earth.

2) This is caused by various internal and external factors including solar radiation, variation in the earth's orbit, volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, etc.

3) Apart from natural forces, human activities have also contributed to this change.

4) Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased enormously and this has led to a major change in the climate on Earth.

5) In fact climate change has become a global cause of concern, especially in the last few decades.

6) Climate change is having a negative impact on forests, wildlife, water systems as well as the polar region of the Earth.

7) Many species of plants and animals have become extinct due to changes in the climate on Earth and many others have been adversely affected.

8) Researchers constantly observe patterns to understand past, present as well as future climatic conditions.

9) A record of the climate has been accumulated and regularly updated based on geological evidence to study changes.

10) These evidences include flora and fauna records, glacial and periphery processes, sea level records, borehole temperature profiles and layers of sediment among other things.

10 Lines on Climate Change – Set 4

Another set of ten Lines on Climate Change is provided below that will provide you some varied information about the most important topic of this age. Going through these points you will know how human are responsible for this change that will damage them sometime or anytime.

These lines from the set of ten Lines on Climate Change are also useful for students to know about this change and its effect on the flora and fauna. They will become conscious about its bad effects and will try to find out some measures when they become a responsible citizen.

1) Climate change is basically a change in the climate pattern that lasts from a few decades to centuries.

2) Deforestation, industrial development and population explosion that cause carbon growth in the atmosphere have been a major cause of climate change in recent times.

3) Many species of plants and animals have become extinct due to changes in climatic conditions and many others are on the verge of extinction.

4) With the mass cutting down of trees in some areas, many forests are also shrinking.

5) The process of carbon emission due to combustion of fossil fuels, burning of industrial wastes and vehicular pollution is one of the major reasons that cause changes in climate.

6) Due to climate change, the rain pattern has become erratic, leading to extreme conditions like drought and flood.

7) Volcanic eruptions that emit more than 100,000 tons of SO2 in the stratosphere are known to bring climate change to Earth.

8) Climate change is having a negative impact on the environment and leads to increase in the temperature of the earth.

9) Melting of glaciers is the major threat for human due to climate change and global warming that are causing the rise in sea-level.

10) In order to control climate change and maintain a healthy environment on Earth, human impact on the same needs to be controlled.

Climate change is an ill effect which is caused by global warming and global warming is caused mostly due to human induced factors. Heavy industrialization and urbanization have left the environment in a bad state. It is our duty to reduce this process and try to maintain a balance between human beings and environment, in order to earn profit we should not try to degrade the environment. We must know one thing, that if environment gets disturbed then living beings are going to suffer heavily.