10 Lines on Computer

A computer is a device which receives the instructions from the user, processes it and displays the result. The instruction which the user gives to the computer is called “Program”. It is a kind of device which accepts raw data which is called “Input”, processes it accordingly called as “Processing” and after that displays the result called “Output”. It can perform both arithmetic and logical calculations. Computers are used for various purposes in sectors such as defence, medical, education, etc. it has become part and parcel of our life, without it nobody can move up to single inch.

Ten Lines on Computer in English

Below we are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Computer in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. By going through these lines you will understand the importance of Computer in our daily life. You can use these lines in your essay and paragraph to get good marks in exam as well as win prizes in competitions.

10 Lines on Computer

1) Computer is an electronic device which works on the commands given by the user.

2) The set of directions given by the user to a computer is called as “program”.

3) The first mechanical computer was developed by “Charles Babbage” called as “Analytical Engine”; therefore, he is known as “Father of Computer”.

4) Computer works in a system which contains an Input Device, an Output Device, a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Storage Device.

5) The raw data and information, fed into the computer is called “Input”.

6) Processing is the operation and handling of data according to the directions given by the user, it is totally an internal process of a computer.

7) The analytics specified by the computer after processing the commands given by the user is called “Output”.

8) The word computer is taken from the Latin word “Computare” which means “to calculate”.

9) Input devices such as mouse, keyboard, etc and output devices such as printer, monitors etc are called “Peripherals”.

10) There are three types of computers based on their use, viz- Analog, Digital and Hybrid.

10 Lines and Sentences on Computer

1) “Hardware” consists of the physical components those are attached to a computer.

2) “Software” is the set of directions on which the computer works; it is already installed inside the computer.

3) RAM (Random Access Memory) is the main memory of a computer; works after switching on the computer and helps operating system to start the computer.

4) ROM (Read Only Memory) is a kind of memory chip that holds the software; it is only a read only memory and cannot be written.

5) All computers work on “Binary System” which consist 0 and 1. The 0 and 1 level of storage is called “Bit”.

6) There are further measurements of memory i.e. 1 Byte equals 8 Bits, a KiloByte (KB) is of 1024 bits, a Megabyte (MB) is of 1024 kb and a Gigabyte (GB) is of 1024 mb.

7) Software is of two types, Operating Software and Application Software.

8) Operating system software is the basic software which comes in every computer; it gets loaded when the computer is switched on.

9) Application software is a program which functions after the loading of operating system software in the computer.

10) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the work which is performed by the computer or a machine, which is different from the human intelligence.

10 Lines on Computer

5 Lines on Computer

1) Computer is an electronic machine.

2) It has high computing power.

3) It produces zero errors.

4) Super, mini, micro and mainframe computers are 4 main types.

5) Today, Computer is used in every field.

20 Lines on Computer

1) A computer is a machine that carries out arithmetic and logical operations.

2) A computer has two main components – hardware and software.

3) Internet runs on computers, connecting billions of computers the world over.

4) A computer takes command input, processes it as per the command and provides the output.

5) The concept of programmable computer was first invented by Charles Babbage.

6) Computers are hugely popular because of their high processing speed and computational abilities.

7) Today, computers are used in almost everywhere- offices, hospitals, stations, schools etc.

8) Most powerful computers of today are called supercomputers.

9) Central Processing Unit and Random Access Memory of a computer are Integrated Circuits.

10) Today, only 10% of world’s currency is physical, rest all exists on computers.

11) Heaviest desktop computer ever made was IBM 5120 from 1980.

12) There is also a computer in our smart phones, which is much cheaper and smarter than before.

13) No human has won a chess game against a high specification computer since 2005.

14) A video game named DOOM was the first most installed software in the computers.

15) Computers have got fans to keep them from overheating while working.

16) Apple’s first computer, Apple I was first on sale in 1976.

17) The very first basic computer was Abacus invented in 500 B.C. in Babylon.

18) Hard disks of computer are very sensitive to vibrations.

19) Computers today have become essential components in all scientific equipments.

20) Computers are widely used for weather forecasting and medical equipments.

Computer is a very important device which assists human in his day to day work. We can see the use of computers in each and every field and in every profession. Proper handling of computer results in smooth operating but little bit of carelessness will result into malfunctioning of computers such as virus attack or malware attack on the computer systems.

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