10 Lines on Consequences of Global Warming

There must be no one unaware of Global Warming. It is a global disaster that is the result of uncontrolled activities of the human being. You will never hear that Global Warming has any benefit, though we are presenting its outcomes, without any partiality, through some sets of 10 lines on Consequences of Global Warming below. You should go through them, and I am sure that they will help you with having more knowledge about the topic.

Ten Lines on Consequences of Global Warming in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on consequences of global warming in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, so that they can understand about the effects of global warming. You can add these lines in your essay or paragraph writing in your school exams and different literary events.

10 Lines on Consequences of Global Warming

1) Global Warming results in a change in the climate of a region.

2) Because of it, the polar Ice-caps are melting rapidly.

3) Global Warming is the reason behind the extinction of many species.

4) Acid Rain is another result of global warming.

5) Global Warming has completely changed the weather pattern.

6) Because of Global Warming, we are experiencing natural disasters frequently.

7) As a consequence of global warming, the natural resources are depleting swiftly.

8) We are going to face the absence of water very soon.

9) Global Warming has completely damaged the environment.

10) Global Warming has increased the death rate.

10 Lines and Sentences on Consequences of Global Warming

1) Global Warming has made the earth warmer than ever before.

2) It is global warming that has made birds and animals to migrate.

3) Because of Global Warming, agricultural production has reduced.

4) Acidification of oceans due to global warming has affected marine life.

5) The air has become dirty and dry.

6) There has been an increase in the amount of Green House Gases in the atmosphere.

7) Also, the wildlife extinction rate has increased.

8) The sea level has increased much in the past few decades.

9) Extreme heat waves are the result of high global warming.

10) Global Warming has brought many unknown and fatal diseases.

5 Sentences on Consequences of Global Warming

1) Global warming creates climate change.

2) It affects all living organisms.

3) It can cause several diseases.

4) It can cause acid rain.

5) It badly affects the environment.

20 Lines on Consequences of Global Warming

1) Global Warming has long lasting consequences on the environment and causes considerable damage to it.

2) Global Warming causes the average temperature of earth rise beyond a specified limit.

3) Rise in Earth’s average surface temperature has adverse implications on environment and species.

4) Global warming causes oceans to heat up, which adversely affects aquatic life.

5) Global warming also causes unexpected climatic changes throughout the globe.

6) Famine, drought and floods are all the consequences of climate change caused by global warming.

7) Global warming makes the living conditions on the planet, unsuitable for all humans and animals.

8) Global warming causes oceans to swell and expand, finally resulting in water level rise.

9) The temperature rise in ocean water causes considerable damage to aquatic life.

10) Many glaciers are melting due to global warming and causing floods in the low lying areas.

11) Global warming not only raises the earth’s surface temperature, but also its environmental temperature.

12) Global warming has caused the earth’s average temperature to rise by 1°C since the past century.

13) Species of fish that are sensitive to temperature changes have depleted because of global warming.

14) Global warming also causes several climate related diseases like – malaria, cholera and diarrhea etc.

15) Every year millions of lives are lost in floods and droughts as a consequence of global warming.

16) Global warming causes severe health issue in humans arising due to heat waves and sudden climatic changes.

17) Global warming causes migration of species throughout the world, in search of suitable climate.

18) Many fish species have migrated from their original habitat, in search of cooler waters.

19) Global warming increases acidity of the oceans, making them unsuitable to support any kind of life.

20) Global warming causes natural disasters like heat waves, famine, floods, droughts and heavy rains.

Global Warming has brought only adverse conditions for human beings on earth. But we all know that human has given birth to global warming. Despite so many losses, we are still careless. It indicates that we are going to face some big disasters in the future that will wipe out a human from the earth.

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