10 Lines on Consequences of Global Warming

Global warming is the rise in average temperature of the climate system of the earth. It is generally related with warming, mostly caused by the humans. Global warming generally relates with worldwide rise in global temperature. It is an aftereffect of climate change in which single type of weather condition prevails for a very long time, may be a decade or a century. Global warming tends to increase the frequency of natural calamities such as floods, droughts, cyclones etc.

Scientists and researchers say that due to rise in temperature the ice from the glaciers and hills will melt resulting in increased sea level. Due to this lots of small countries will submerge in water at some point of time.

Ten Lines on Consequences of Global Warming in English

We have provided 10 lines on consequences of global warming in English so that you can understand about the ill effects of global warming. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your school exams and different literary events.

10 Lines on Consequences on Global Warming – Set 1

1) Global warming is the slow and steady rise in earth’s temperature.

2) There is a rise in the temperature by 0.74 degree Celsius what the temperature was 150 years ago.

3) Scientists say that after 100 to 200, years the rise in temperature will reach up to 6 degree Celsius.

4) Greenhouse gases are the main factors responsible for the rise of temperature which has generated global warming in whole world.

5) These gases constitute mainly carbon di-oxide which is produced by burning of coal and oil.

6) When the earth’s surface temperature increases the level of the sea rises.

7) Another reason in the rise of sea level is the melting of ice at the glaciers which assimilates into the sea water resulting in floods in coastal areas.

8) Weather patterns i.e. amount and area of rain or snow will also change.

9) The area of deserts will increase and colder areas will warm faster in comparison to the warmer areas.

10) This will affect the ecosystem and will subject humans, animals and other living beings to danger.

We have provided another set of 10 lines on consequences of global warming. By going through these lines you will know the importance of reducing global warming. You can add these lines in your speech and presentation in different seminars and events.

10 Lines on Consequences on Global Warming – Set 2

1) There is a belief that human activities are mainly responsible for the rise in average temperature and thus creates global warming.

2) Temperature has risen globally up to 0.6 degree Celsius resulting in a drastic increase in every day’s minimum temperature.

3) Human activities have increased the average global temperature due to burning of fossil fuels resulting in global warming.

4) Human intervention has caused into large scale damage of ecosystem of the earth.

5) The effect can be observed in the amount, intensity, frequency and the region of rainfall and snow.

6) Rising temperature brings many types of calamities such as rain, drought, storm, heat waves etc.

7) When the temperature hikes then there is a flood of diseases which surround the people and ultimately resulting in poor health and causalities.

8) Air has become polluted due to infusion of obnoxious gases from industries, chimney of houses, cars etc.

9) Forests as well as aquatic life is also disappearing from earth due to global warming, they haven’t adapted to the increase in temperature.

10) The seas and oceans are also facing this ill effect of global warming, they have become acidic due disposal of human and industrial wastes in them.

Here we are providing 3rd Set of 10 Lines on the Consequences of Global Warming. The points have been written, keeping in mind to convey facts on “Consequences of Global Warming”, in simple and easy to grasp sentences. You can use the facts/points on several occasions like – Global Action Day, World Environment Day or while speaking about Global Warming and its Impacts etc.

10 Lines on Consequences on Global Warming – Set 3

1) Global Warming has long lasting consequences on the environment and causes considerable damage to it.

2) Global Warming causes the average temperature of earth rise beyond a specified limit.

3) Rise in Earth’s average surface temperature has adverse implications on environment and species.

4) Global warming causes oceans to heat up, which adversely affects aquatic life.

5) Global warming also causes unexpected climatic changes throughout the globe.

6) Famine, drought and floods are all the consequences of climate change caused by global warming.

7) Global warming makes the living conditions on the planet, unsuitable for all humans and animals.

8) Global warming causes oceans to swell and expand, finally resulting in water level rise.

9) The temperature rise in ocean water causes considerable damage to aquatic life.

10) Many glaciers are melting due to global warming and causing floods in the low lying areas.

Below we are providing 4th Set of 10 Lines on the Consequences of Global Warming. The points are written in simple and easy language to convey only fact based information on “Consequences of Global Warming”. This set of 10 Lines is written in simple language to let you easily understand and memorize the points and to use them on occasions of environmental significance or whenever you are asked to speak on global warming and its consequences.

10 Lines on Consequences on Global Warming – Set 4

1) Global warming not only raises the earth’s surface temperature, but also its environmental temperature.

2) Global warming has caused the earth’s average temperature to rise by 1°C since the past century.

3) Species of fish that are sensitive to temperature changes have depleted because of global warming.

4) Global warming also causes several climate related diseases like – malaria, cholera and diarrhea etc.

5) Every year millions of lives are lost in floods and droughts as a consequence of global warming.

6) Global warming causes severe health issue in humans arising due to heat waves and sudden climatic changes.

7) Global warming causes migration of species throughout the world, in search of suitable climate.

8) Many fish species have migrated from their original habitat, in search of cooler waters.

9) Global warming increases acidity of the oceans, making them unsuitable to support any kind of life.

10) Global warming causes natural disasters like heat waves, famine, floods, droughts and heavy rains.

Global warming is an ill effect of climate change and we, the human beings are more responsible for these menaces. Emission of greenhouse gases and other particulate matters has ultimately resulted into the damage for ecosystems not only for us, but also for other living beings too. If these things continues to happen then the day is not far when many countries will be submerged in the sea.

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