10 Lines on Hard Work

Applying or using your ability to do something is called work but that ability, if gets supported by dedication, determination and focus, then it is called hard work. Hard work is a state in which an individual resolves to achieve the desired result by doing a specific activity. He/She decides to achieve some goal, plans according to the goal, then regularly works on it and generally it is seen that people get their desired result. Generally hard work brings success to anybody’s life but there are some cases where hard work too brings little success or no success at all. That is the time when it must be thought that what went wrong? Analyzing those thoughts and realizing those mistakes; hard work becomes more perfect than what we had previously.

Ten Lines on Hard Work in English

We are providing 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on hard work in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 so that you can know about the importance of hard work in our life. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exams as well as in competitions in your school.

10 Lines on Hard Work – Set 1

1) Hard work is essential for success in any field or endeavor.

2) Without hard work, success is not possible.

3) Hard work leads to a sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction.

4) Hard work also encourages perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles.

5) Hard work leads to greater opportunities and possibilities for the future.

6) Even though doing hard work is difficult, it is necessary to make our lives easier.

7) Every living thing needs to work hard in order to survive.

8) Not only does hard work pay off, but it also makes you a better person.

9) Working hard always yields fruitful outcomes.

10) Hard work usually means putting in both physical and mental effort to finish a job.

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10 Lines and Sentences on Hard Work – Set 2

1) In order to grow crops, grains or vegetable, a farmer works hard in his agricultural field.

2) If our freedom fighters had not worked hard to get independence, then we might be a slave for uncertain period of time.

3) Hard might be challenging but it is not impossible.

4) A hard working person is always honest, dedicated and determined towards his goal.

5) He always targets his aim with passion and vigour and completes it with perfection.

6) He is very much optimistic, a man of character and hard work and due to these qualities, he leads a happy life.

7) A person who is working hard is able to get success and happiness in life.

8) A life with idleness and sluggishness is full of sorrow and shame but if it has hard work and dedication, it is full of success and happiness.

9) A hard working person gets respect from everyone in the society; his hard work gives him that status.

10) A hard working person can not only change his life, but he can also bring a change in others life also.

10 Lines on Hard Work

5 Sentences on Hard Work

1) Hard work is important to attain success.

2) Hard work always gives positive results.

3) Students should work hard.

4) We learn discipline, dedication, etc from it.

5) Hard work is important to live happily.

20 Lines on Hard Work

1) Hard work is an essential ingredient to achieve success in life.

2) Hard work makes you earn a great deal of respect and social recognition.

3) Hard work is what you do after you have already put your regular work hours.

4) Hard work is very essential to achieve the goals you have thought for yourself.

5) For those with mediocre intelligence and abilities, hard work is the only way to be successful.

6) Hard work must involve an aim, planning and vision as its prime constituents.

7) Any work done beyond a certain time duration is termed as hard work.

8) Even tough manual jobs involving physical endurance, can also be termed as hard work.

9) Anyone doing hard work for a particular aim is bound to achieve his destination.

10) Persistent hard work needs motivation almost on a daily basis.

11) To become a hard worker you must induce passion into your work.

12) Hard work requires a strong resolve to never give up in any situation or circumstance.

13) If despite working hard you lose, you must try harder till the success is achieved.

14) Hard work miraculously brings luck; the harder you work the luckier you get.

15) Hard work is not wishing for the things to get easy, but to work hard through them.

16) The difference between failure and success is that of hard work.

17) A person with average abilities but working hard surpasses above average performers.

18) Sometimes hard work is the only way out of misery and adversity.

19) Its much easy to work hard on something that you love and aspire.

20) Hard work with talent is bound to bring laurels and success in the life of a person.

In the words of Swami Vivekanand, “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved”. He clearly says to all the human beings that in order to become successful and to achieve your goal, you must do hard work. It is the real key to success.

Hard work makes an individual as well as a nation great. We have lots of examples to whom we consider developed nation, superpower and great nation. Ex- USA, China etc. If all the citizens of a nation decides to work hard in order to make their nation great, it is the time when nation starts transforming itself.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Hard Work

Q.1 Which is better hard work or smart work?

Ans. Hard work is definitely more important, because we can only reach our goals in life by working hard. On the other hand, smart work often leads to taking short cuts and putting things off.

Q.2 What does it take to succeed through hard work?

Ans. To succeed through hard work, it takes dedication, discipline, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to your goal.

Q.3 Is hard work necessary for every age?

Ans. Yes, hard work is required at every stage of life.

Q.4 How does hard work help one in life?

Ans. Hard work can help one in life by providing the knowledge, skills, and opportunities necessary to achieve success.

Q.5 What is Work Harder Day?

Ans. Every year on January 12, people have been celebrating Work Harder Day. People are supposed to work harder on this day.

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