10 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change

Climate Change is a consequence of Global Warming. Global Warming on the other hand is caused by the escalated green house effect raising the surface and environmental temperature of earth. This rise in earth’s average temperature results in many ecological disturbances, Climate Change being more prominent of them all.

Ten Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change in English

We have given below 10 important points on the global warming and climate change. These lines are in a very easy to understand language and will improve your overall understanding on the topic.

If you are preparing for an essay or going to deliver a speech in your school or office then these lines will come handy for you as they are given in an easy and simple language.

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10 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change - Set 1

1) Global Warming refers to a rise in earth’s environmental and climatic temperature.

2) It is caused due to intensified green house effect.

3) It brings Climate Change across the world.

4) Global Warming does not refer to a uniform increase in temperature at all the places on earth, but different places will witness different temperature changes depending on their ecology and surrounding environment.

5) Escalated green house effect is a result of increasing concentration of green house gases in our environment.

6) Melting of glaciers and polar ice reduce the region’s heat reflecting capacity, thereby increasing the overall temperature of the region.

7) Global warming causes unexpected rains and disturbed monsoon patterns.

8) Extreme heat waves and incidents of droughts and famine have become common due to Climate Change in recent times.

9) Researches show that every decade is warmer by the decade preceding it.

10) Climate Change is occurring at an alarming rate and has to be addressed now itself.

We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines on Global Warming and Climate change. The additional set is different from the above one and includes additional information on the topic. This additional information will help you to enhance your essay, speeches or paragraph recitation in your class. Please go through the below 10 lines and enhance your essay and speeches and get the applause of your audiences:

10 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change - Set 2

1) Global warming is referred to the increase in the earth’s atmospheric and surface temperature.

2) The increase in the earth’s temperature causes climate change.

3) There has been unprecedented increase in the earth’s temperature in the past few decades.

4) Greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Water Vapour etc. are responsible for global warming.

5) These gases trap the heat energy of earth and don’t let it escape causing greenhouse effect.

6) The intensive greenhouse effect causes unpredictable weather conditions, intense heat waves, extended seasons etc.

7) The increasing industrial pollution, transport pollution, burning of fossil fuels etc. increase the proportion of greenhouse gases causing global warming.

8) Forests act as carbon sink; Deforestation causes the increase in carbon dioxide level thus causing global warming.

9) Avoiding burning of fossil fuels, reduction in the industrial and transportation pollution, planting more trees are few ways to fight global warming.

10) Using renewable sources of energy like Solar, Wind and Water we can reduce carbon footprint thus reducing global warming and climate change.

Global Warming is as much responsible for Climate Change as clouds are responsible for rain. A change in the earth’s average temperature affects the climatic conditions across the globe. The term ‘Climate Change’ usually denotes extreme climatic conditions with hazardous consequences like droughts and famine.

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