10 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change

Climate Change is a consequence of Global Warming. Global Warming, on the other hand, is a result of the escalated greenhouse effect raising the surface and environmental temperature of the earth. This rise in earth’s average temperature results in many ecological disturbances, Climate Change being more prominent of them all. Let’s read more about it through the sets of 10 lines below.

Ten Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change in English

Some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Global Warming and Climate Change are given below for the Students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Language is kept very simple for easiness of everyone, let’s start reading:

10 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change

1) Global Warming is a rise in the earth’s environmental and climatic temperature.

2) It happens due to intensified greenhouse effect.

3) Global Warming brings Climate Change across the world.

4) Under it, different places witness different temperature changes depending on their ecology and the surrounding environment.

5) The escalated greenhouse effect is a result of the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the air.

6) Melting of glaciers and polar ice reduce the region’s heat-reflecting capacity increasing the overall temperature.

7) Global warming causes unexpected rains and disturbed monsoon patterns.

8) Extreme heat waves and incidents of droughts and famine have become common due to Climate Change in recent times.

9) Researches show that every decade is warmer by the decade preceding it.

10) Climate Change is occurring at an alarming rate and needs the concern of everyone.

10 Lines and Sentences on Global Warming and Climate Change

1) Global warming is never beneficial for any living being.

2) The increase in the earth’s temperature and brings a rapid climate change.

3) There has been an unprecedented increase in the earth’s temperature in the past few decades.

4) Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.

5) These gases trap the heat energy of the earth and don’t let it escape.

6) The intensive greenhouse effect causes unpredictable weather conditions, intense heat waves and extended seasons.

7) The increasing pollution increases the proportion of greenhouse gases causing Global Warming.

8) Forests act as a carbon sink; Deforestation causes the increase in carbon dioxide level, thus causing global warming.

9) Avoiding burning of fossil fuels, reducing industrial and transportation pollution, planting more trees are ways to fight global warming.

10) Using renewable sources of energy can help in reducing global warming and climate change.

5 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change

1) Global warming is the main cause of climate change.

2) Climate change and global warming cause several health problems.

3) Every year the rate of global warming is increasing.

4) Climate change and global warming directly affect several natural phenomena.

5) Climate changes like warming of the ocean, melting of icebergs, etc are caused by global warming.

20 Lines on Global Warming and Climate Change

1) Global warming is not a national problem but a global one.

2) Climate change occurs due to Global Warming.

3) Human activities like industrialization, deforestation and pollution cause Global Warming.

4) The primary cause of Global Warming is the greenhouse effect.

5) There are various activities which release greenhouse gases.

6) Greenhouse gases form a kind of blanket over the earth’s surface, trapping the heat.

7) This sudden and unexpected rise in earth’s temperature leads to several climatic changes.

8) Heated earth surface disturbs the monsoonal winds, resulting in climatic changes.

9) Global warming also melts glaciers and arctic ice, resulting in a warmer climate in the regions.

10) Global warming and climate change are interrelated to one another.

11) Climate change is the first effect of global warming.

12) Both climate change and global warming have different meanings; though, people sometimes use them interchangeably.

13) Climate change refers to changes in climate pattern, rainfall and temperature over the years.

14) After the industrialization, the average surface temperature of earth has shot up by 1°C; this is global warming.

15) Climate changes throughout the world may cause drought and famine.

16) In some places, climate change may cause floods and heavy downpour.

17) Climate change usually refers to extreme climatic conditions, either cold or hot.

18) Climate change not only affects the land surface but also the oceans.

19) Global warming and climate change, together can be very damaging for humans, animals and oceans as well.

20) It is in the best interest of our planet that we start taking measures to eliminate global warming and climate change.

Global Warming is as much responsible for Climate Change as clouds are responsible for rain. A change in the earth’s average temperature affects the climatic conditions across the globe. The term ‘Climate Change’ usually denotes extreme climatic conditions with hazardous consequences like droughts and famine.

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