10 Lines on Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Climate is the geographical and environmental condition of a specific region. It depends on the various factors and affects the biosphere to the most. The change in the climate of a region adversely affects life. There are many things to know about the change in the climate. We have brought all the facts and information related to it through the sets of 10 lines on Causes and Effects of Climate Change. You should check them right now.

Ten Lines on Causes and Effects of Climate Change

Set 1

1) The primary reason for climate change is global industrialization.

2) The uncontrolled use of natural resources is another reason for climate change.

3) The volcanic eruption is a natural cause of climate change.

4) The increase in Green House Gases is also a factor for climate change.

5) Increasing pollution is greatly responsible for bringing change in the climate.

6) Climate change brings loss of habitat for a region.

7) It has also destroyed marine life.

8) The ecosystem is changed by the change in the climate.

9) The acidification of the ocean is the result of climate change.

10) Because of climate change, many rarest species of birds and animals have extinct.

Set 2

1) The smokes of motor vehicles running on the road are responsible for climate change.

2) Cutting of trees or deforestation in bulk heavily affects the climate of the region.

3) CFC and other poisonous gases emanating from Refrigerator and A.C. also bring changes in the climate.

4) An uncontrolled increase in the population can be considered the primary reason for climate change.

5) Because of climate change, the polar ice-caps are melting rapidly.

6) The change in the climate completely changes the environment.

7) It brings extreme weather conditions.

8) With the change in climate, there comes uncertainty in weather conditions.

9) Because of climate change, many birds and animals die with unfavourable conditions.

10) The birds and animals migrate in large numbers after climate change.

Set 3

1) Climate change refers to the occurrence of extreme climatic conditions across the globe.

2) Global Warming is primarily responsible for climate change.

3) A raised surface and environmental temperature of earth results in Global Warming.

4) Melting of Polar Ice Caps causes changes in the climate.

5) One of the important causes of climate change is changed Wind Patterns across the globe.

6) Climate change results in Droughts and Famines.

7) It is also responsible for the Extinction of Forests.

8) It results in the Acidification of Oceans.

9) It causes Depletion of Natural Resources.

10) It is also responsible for the Extinction of Coral Reefs.

Set 4

1) The extensive greenhouse effect causes climate change.

2) Global warming is primarily responsible for climate change.

3) There are natural as well as man-made causes for the change in the climate.

4) Solar radiation, volcanic eruptions and plate-tectonics are natural causes of climate change.

5) Burning of fossil fuels, industrial & vehicle pollution and deforestation are man-made causes of climate change.

6) Climate change causes intense and unpredictable weather conditions.

7) Sudden climate change affects many species that are prone to change in temperatures.

8) Change in monsoon pattern, due to the climate change, results in agricultural losses.

9) It also increases the intensity and frequency of hurricanes, resulting in loss of life and property.

10) Climate change causes the increase in the sea level, causing submergence of many island countries leading to huge causalities.

We can’t deny the fact that behind every reason for climate change there exists human and his illogical activities. But we should also accept that the final consequence of climate change will fall on us. It may also remove humans from earth. Before we face its terrible consequences, we will have to awake and work to stop it as soon as possible.