10 Lines on Edward Witten

Edward Witten was born into a Jewish family on 26th August 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and is a theoretical physicist and a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton New Jersey. His mother was Lorraine W. Witten and his father, Louis Witten, was a theoretical physicist specializing in gravitation and general relativity. Witten is respected among the mathematicians and physicists by his unique ability to interpret physical ideas in mathematical form. Speaking at the American Mathematical Society Centennial Symposium in 1988, he explained the relation between geometry and theoretical physics.

Ten Lines on Edward Witten

Set 1

1) Edward Witten was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 26, 1951.

2) He is the son of Louis Witten and Lorraine W. Witton.

3) His father was a theoretical physicist.

4) He achieved his Master of Arts degree and finally his Ph.D. in 1976 from Princeton University.

5) He was the founder of the string theory which is looking at the natural world in terms of strings and loops made up of the particles of life.

6) Witten believes that string theory can explain the origins of the universe.

7) Edward Witten is married to Chiara Nappi, a talented physicist who has taught Princeton and other colleges.

8) It is estimated that He had earned around $1 million to date.

9) Witten loves to play Tennis in his leisure and he follows the vegetarian diet.

10) His results have highly influenced many areas in theoretical physics including string theory, quantum gravity, and topologically condensed matters.

In the other set of ten lines, we have tried to touch the principles given by the famous physicist of the present time Edward Witten. These special points will inspire you to know more about his works and achievements and you will be impressed by the theories defined by him. Students will use these facts in a few of their school assignments and they may inspire by his thoughts and teachings.

Set 2

1) Witten has contributed a lot to the discovery of the superstring theory and his M-string theory.

2) Witten attended Baltimore Hebrew in his childhood and at the age of 12, he wrote letters criticizing the Vietnam War that appeared in the local newspaper's editorial section.

3) Although Witten had a keen interest in physics, he wanted to become a journalist so he attended Brandeis University and received his graduation with a degree in history.

4) First, he was not determined whether to study mathematics or physics, yet he chose physics and earned his master's degree in 1974 and his doctorate in 1976.

5) Witten started his career in physics as a junior fellow of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University and later on joined Princeton University in 1980 as one of the youngest professors.

6) Because of his teaching style where long pauses are observed to gather his thoughts and the soft-spoken voice he was nicknamed 'the Martian' by his students who have extreme respect for him.

7) He had given evidence of the positive energy theorem in general relativity that claims that the total energy of a gravitational system is always positive.

8) On relating super-symmetry and Morse theory, Witten has given physical proof by interpreting the theory in terms of supersymmetric quantum mechanics.

9) Edward Witten is the recipient of the Fields Medal award by the International Mathematical Union in 1990 and became the first physicist to win the prize.

10)  He is also a member of the list of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people of 2004 and in 2012 as he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Edward Witten is a famous physicist and mathematician whose thoughts and researches are proved very generous in the field of science. Through his experiments, he has developed Einstein’s theory and combined his theory of relativity with his string theory. Still many researches and contributions from is the end is eagerly awaited by the intellects.