10 Lines on Edward Witten

You must have heard about Edward Witten and his contributions to Physics. It is time for us to have his biography to increase our knowledge. For it, we have created some sets of 10 lines on Edward Witten below. You should read them at least once.

Ten Lines on Edward Witten

Set – 1

1) Edward Witten had born on 26 August 1951 in the United States.

2) He completed his schooling from Park School of Baltimore.

3) He was a Ph.D. in Physics in the year 1976.

4) International Mathematical Union awarded him with the Field Medal in 1990.

5) He married to Chiara Nappi in 1979.

6) His ‘Topological Quantum Field Theory’ in 1980 revolutionized mathematics.

7) He got many awards for his ‘Positive Energy Theorem’ in General Relativity in 1981.

8) His M-Theory in 1990 amazed the entire world.

9) Together with Physics, he has also done immense work in Mathematics.

10) He has been recognized globally for his contributions to Physics.

Set – 2

1) Edward was graduated in the year 1971 from Brandeis University.

2) Despite being a physicist, he had a good command over mathematics.

3) Theoretical physics and Superstring theory have been his field of education and research.

4) After getting Field Medal, he became the first physicist to get the award by International Mathematical Union.

5) Some of his works are M-Theory, Witten Index, and CSW Rules, etc.

6) He received the Albert Einstein Medal in 1985.

7) He was also awarded the National Medal of Science in 2002.

8) ‘Some Problems in the Short Distance Analysis of Gauge Theories’ in the year 1976 is his thesis.

9) In 2004 and 2012, he was among the top influential people in the world by Times Magazine.

10) He is currently working at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton as a Professor.

You have now acquired much information about the great Physicist Edward Witten. Though his entire life journey can’t be summarized in a few lines, we have tried to provide you with some important information. He received many awards and recognitions in his life and is still respected by the people.

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