10 Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is the current and the 9th Prime Minister of Israel. We have created some sets of 10 lines on Benjamin Netanyahu compiling some important information about him. You should check these sets immediately because they will help you in an easy way. So here we go.

Ten Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu

Set – 1

1) Benjamin Netanyahu is a prominent political personality of Israel.

2) It was 21 October 1949 when he had born in Tel Aviv of Israel.

3) He worked in the military for the initial five years of his career.

4) He was a part of Operation Inferno and Sabena Flight 571 during this period.

5) In June 1976, he earned a Master’s Degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.

6) He joined Israel politics from the political party Likud – National Liberal Movement.

7) On 20 December 2005, he became the Chairman of Likud.

8) From 18 June 1996 to 6 July 1999, he was the Prime Minister of Israel.

9) He had married three times, third with Sara Netanyahu in 1991.

10) He has also authored a few books.

Set – 2

1) In the history of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest-serving Prime Minister.

2) He is the ninth Prime Minister of Israel holding the office on 31 March 2009.

3) He had been injured several times while serving in the Israel Military.

4) He was also a part of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

5) In 2002, he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Minister of Finance in Israel.

6) His first wife was Miriam Haran whom he had married in 1972.

7) His second wife was Fleur Cates, and the third was Sara Netanyahu.

8) He was honest and gentleman since his childhood.

9) He is well known as a Politician, diplomat, writer, economic consultant, and marketing executive.

10) There is a separate website of Benjamin Netanyahu where you can have every update about him.

The above sets clearly indicate that Benjamin Netanyahu is a person strictly against terrorism and corruption with an objective to serve his nation. He has supported India many times and always admired its friendship. He was the first person to oppose Iraq’s mission of testing the nuclear weapon and he also supported the UNO.

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