10 Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is an Israeli politician who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of Israel since 2009. Netanyahu is also the Chairman of the Likud-National Liberal Movement. He is the longest-serving Prime Minister in Israeli history.

 Netanyahu joined Israel Defence Force in 1967 to fulfill his military deeds, and volunteered for an elite commando unit of the IDF and participated in a number of operations. In 1988, Benjamin Netanyahu entered into the politics and was elected a Member of Knesset by the Likud party and was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He served in this position for four years. He sworn in as the prime-Minister of Israel on 31 March, 2009 and retains his seat till date.

Ten Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu in English

Here we will know the life and achievements of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

These special lines will focus on his personality and character and the readers would know about his contributions towards bringing peace and unity among the nations.

Students may get benefited when any task is assigned for them to write about Netanyahu. They may add few of these lines as a support material to enhance their writing so that it will look more gracious.

10 Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu – Set 1

1) Benjamin Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv, Israel.

2) His mother was from Israel and father was of German origin.

3) He attended his primary education in Jerusalem and teachers remarked that he was polite, courteous, and cooperative by nature.

4) In 1967 he returned Israel and served the Israel defence force as a combat soldier for five years.

5) Netanyahu received bullet injuries while he was in the rescue team of the hijacked Sabina Flight 571 in May 1972.

6) He had taken active participation in Yom Kippur War in 1973.

7) From Massachusetts University he had taken his Master of Science degree in just two and half years that generally takes four years.

8) He had also worked as the Economic Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Boston between 1976 and 1978.

9) He was appointed as the prime Minister of Israel in 2009 and is a favourite among his followers and the country men.

10) In February 2017 he arranged a meeting with the US President Donald Trump and admired him for leading the world into peace against the threat of terrorism.

In this new set of another ten lines we have provided few such facts which made Netanyahu a public figure. Through these points we have tried out to give some of his common unknown facts. We also know that when returned back from the US and joined the politics of Israel. What he had done before his appointment as the P.M. of Israel. Students may take help of these special points in their school work and for general knowledge.

10 Lines on Benjamin Netanyahu – Set 2

1) He was born on 21 October, 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel and second one of three children to Prof. Benzion Netanyahu a German born educationalist and Tzila Segal.

2) He started his studies at Henrietta Szold Elementary School, Jerusalem, before moving to United States, where he completed his studies.

3) Netanyahu has been served as Captain in the Israel Army, as part of SayeretMatkal, a special investigation unit of the Israel defence Force.

4) He was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Minister of Finance in 2002, on his return from temporary political retirement.

5) On 22nd February, 2017, he went on an official tour to Australia and became the first Israeli Prime Minister to make an official visit to that country.

6) He opposes terrorism in the world and strongly believed that tightening immigration laws in the west is the most effective method to conquer terrorism.

7) In 2012, his government passed the ‘Prevention of Infiltration Law,’ which called for detention of all people entering without permission.

8) Netanyahu has been married thrice. He has a daughter named, Noa with his first wife, Miriam Weizmann, and two sons, Yair and Avner with his current wife, Sara Ben-Artzi.

9) When Netanyahu will complete his present term at Prime Minister Office, he would become the longest serving Israeli prime minister who has the record of being elected three times in a row.

10) It is supposed that Benjamin Netanyahu has the total assets and property of net Worth: $11 Million.

From the above discussion we found that Benjamin Netanyahu is a person who strongly opposes the terrorist activities in the world and became the favourite leader of many nations. He has supported the Indian Union many times and wants peace in the world. He was the first who opposed the Iraq’s mission of testing the nuclear weapon and supported the UNO.