10 Lines on Digital India

There are many schemes of the government of India which have set a milestone. One of them is Digital India. Some sets of 10 lines on Digital India will provide you with all the information about the scheme. You can read them below. Why make delay, and just read them right now.

Ten Lines on Digital India

Set – 1

1) Digital India is a campaign run by the Government of India.

2) The scheme aims to promote E-governance and make people use of digital services.

3) This scheme was launched on 1 July 2015 all over India.

4) With the help of the programme, the government also worked on making the rural population on India digitally literate.

5) For it, the government launched a training program called Pradhan Mantri Digital SakshartaAbhiyan.

6) The program of Digital India is under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

7) Under the Digital India Scheme, the government has also launched a Common Service Center Program.

8) This is a one-stop solution for rural people for most of the online services like medicine, consultation, etc.

9) Digital India got the support of all state governments.

10) The government arranges training programmes and awareness campaigns from time to time to promote digitization.

Set – 2

1) The Digital India campaign was launched by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

2) With the help of Digital India Campaign, the government has tried to provide most of the government services online.

3) BHIM App, DigiLocker, and other online government platforms are the results of Digital India.

4) The government is also providing computers and training to Indians free of cost for promoting Digital India.

5) Through this scheme, the government has tried to make India rural people aware of online services.

6) The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sectors have got the most growth through Digital India.

7) This scheme has also served as the associative of other government schemes such as Make in India, Start-up India, and others.

8) Connecting villages and panchayats through broadband was a goal of the scheme.

9) The scheme also helped in employing youth in digital fields.

10) The scheme has succeeded in bringing a large mass of population online.

Digital India has got widespread praise from the people. It has shown a major development in society. This scheme has connected the entire population of India. It has also made people access government services online.