10 Lines on Dowry System

Dowry system is a dent on the marriage which either destroys a bride’s family or generates hatred between the bride and the groom’s family. Every parent has lots of aspirations related to their girl’s marriage. They think that their girl will go to a good family where she will have every comfort and her life will become a bed of roses. But reality is very harsh from those beautiful aspirations.

Dowry system is such a curse on the society where the goodness of a girl and her education doesn’t matter. The only thing which matters most is how much dowry she can bring to the groom’s family.

Ten Lines on Dowry System in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on dowry system in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. After reading these lines you will know that what is dowry, when dowry becomes a system, how dowry is an evil, what government has done against dowry etc.

It will enhance your knowledge on this social evil, and you can also use these lines if you have to write an essay on dowry system or what are the evils of dowry system essay or even a long speech on dowry system:

10 Lines on Dowry System

1) Dowry is those gifts which are given to the bride from her father’s side at the time of her marriage.

2) Dowry becomes the system when the groom’s family demands expensive gifts from the bride’s family.

3) It is one of the evils of Indian society which has ruined lots of families.

4) In spite of its ill effects, dowry system is still practiced in the Indian society.

5) While finalizing the marriage, the groom’s family starts pressurizing the bride’s family for dowry.

6) Many marriages have also been cancelled where the bride’s family was unable to fulfill the huge demands of the groom’s family.

7) Situation becomes critical after marriage when the bride is tortured, beaten and abused for not bringing proper dowry.

8) Regular torture and insult forces the bride to commit suicide or is forcibly burned by the groom’s family.

9) Police says that it receives over 2500 reports of bride-burning and 9000 reports of dowry deaths every year.

10) Government has made strict laws to stop dowry deaths and punish those who practice dowry system.

10 Lines and Sentences on Dowry System

1) Dowry is the giving of items such as gold, cash, vehicles, property etc to the groom from the bride’s family.

2) The problem starts when the groom’s family starts demanding more dowry from the bride’s family.

3) Groom’s family gives constant pressure to the bride’s family for fulfilling dowry demands.

4) If the dowry’s demand in not fulfilled, then either the marriage is cancelled or bride is tortured after marriage.

5) Many brides commit suicide after facing regular insult and torture from the groom’s family.

6) Around 21 cases are registered daily across the country regarding dowry deaths.

7) Though dowry is illegal in India and is a punishable offence but still people practice this evil in our societies.

8) Nowadays false cases have also been reported in dowry harassment against the groom and his family.

9) Supreme Court of India has raised its concern on the increasing number of false cases against dowry harassment and instructed to take action against it.

10) Dowry is a social evil which needs social awareness and need to educate people about its effects then only it could be eradicated from our society.

5 Lines on Dowry System

1) Dowry is given during marriage.

2) It forces the bride’s family to give expensive gifts to the groom.

3) It had bad effects on society.

4) It also affects the bride’s family.

5) Dowry is illegal in India.

20 Lines on Dowry system

1) Dowry system is the culture of giving gifts and things of necessity by father to his daughter continued from ancient times.

2) The changed scenario of the dowry system at present refers to it as the curse of society.

3) The trend of increased dowry demands is making it a difficult task for parents to marry their daughters.

4) The daughter’s marriage due to the dowry system is a burden for many families.

5) The groom’s family becomes ready to marry only on the condition of getting all demands fulfilled by the bride’s family.

6) Parents save enough money from starting to fulfill the dowry demands in marrying their daughters.

7) The Dowry system is a great cause for most cases of violence and injustice faced by women in society.

8) This has made marriages a custom of sale where the value of money is more than the life of a person.

9) The Dowry system is a major reason for the killing of unborn girl child by parents before birth.

10) It is the responsibility of educated people to root out this evil from society.

11) The provision of giving presents and cash by the bride’s family to the groom is called as Dowry system.

12) This is an age-old tradition that is still followed during marriages in India.

13) Dowry is commonly called Dahez that is an Arabic word.

14) The Dowry is a necessary demand in marriages at present.

15) This custom is practiced in every section of society either rich or poor.

16) The gifts given by the bride’s parents to their in the dowry are for her necessity in the future.

17) Annaupot is the name given to dowry in areas other than eastern parts of India.

18) The high demands for dowry are making this an immoral system in society.

19) The financial help as the dowry is a security to the girl in marriage.

20) We must raise our voice to bring this immoral system to an end.

The Dowry system has taken lots of lives of the girls leaving their parents fighting for justice. Though the government has made stringent laws in order to curb this menace but still it prevails in society. If we want to eradicate this evil then we need a unison effort from each and every person who pledges to neither take nor give dowry, then only we can fight this social evil. We should also raise awareness among people and complain against the people who are practicing dowry.

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