10 Lines on Dhyan Chand Award

We all are fond of sports and games; though, our favorite games may be different. We play games to get relief from stress and obtain a healthy body and peaceful mind. Playing a sport or game becomes much more interesting when we get awarded for it. Dhyan Chand Award is such recognition for a wonderful and exceptional performance. It brings worldwide fame and respect for the awardees. We will read about Dhyan Chand Award in detail with the help of the sets of 10 points of important facts and information on our topic. So let’s start.

Ten Lines on Dhyan Chand Award

Set 1

1) Officially the Dhyan Chand Award is called “Dhyan Chand Award for lifetime Achievement in Sports and Games”.

2) This award is named after one of the greatest Hockey Player of India ‘Dhyan Chand’.

3) It was instituted in the year 2002 and was also distributed for the first time in the same year.

4) The award is distributed for one’s extraordinary performance and achievements in sports.

5) Dhyan Chand Award is sponsored by the Government of India.

6) The award is distributed to the players of Olympics Games, World Championship, Cricket, Commonwealth Games and World Cup, sports for physically challenged and indigenous sports.

7) This award consists of a statuette, a certificate, and some cash allowance.

8) The cash allowance is fixed to Rs. 5 lakh for each awardee.

9) The statuette given in award is of Dhyan Chand and made of Bronze.

10) This Award is distributed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

We hope that the above set of few important facts has provided you enough information. There are some more important facts still to be known. So we have created a 2nd set of 10 points on the Dhyan Chand Award. This 2nd set will provide you a few more important and more than basic facts and information for enhancing your confidence on the topic. This set is also helpful for students of classes 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and higher classes. So read the below provided a few simple but important points and make your doubts clear.

Set 2

1) Initially, the cash prize for the Dhyan Chand Award was Rs. 3 lakh which was later increased to Rs. 5 lakh in the year 2009.

2) The nominations for Dhyan Chand Award are provided by various States and Union Territory Governments, Sports Federations and Previous Sports Award Winners.

3) The nominations for this award are received only till the last working day of the month of April of that year.

4) The received nominations are then sent to doping test departments for verification.

5) A sports person with any kind of doping charge or investigation is declared null for this award.

6) The valid nominations are then sent to a Selection Committee comprising 9 members who think over it.

7) After successful verification by the Committee, the nominations go to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

8) The first winners Dhyan Chand Award were Ashok Diwan for Hockey, Shahuraj Birajdar for Boxing and Aparna Ghosh for Basketball.

9) The Dhyan Chand Award is usually presented to at most 3 sports persons in a year.

10) The Dhyan Chand Award is distributed every year.

The Dhyan Chand Award is distributed in memory of Major Dhyan Chand who was an Indian Hockey player and is well known for his amazing goal scoring techniques. This award is a sign of excellence and high respect. One of the main reasons behind instituting this award is to recognize one for his great achievement and also to motivate them for doing much better.

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