10 Lines on Satya Nadella

Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian American business executive. Presently he is serving as the CEO of Microsoft, after Steve Ballmer, since 2014. Before taking the responsibilities of the post of chief executive, he was Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise Group. Nadella attended the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet and is a graduate in electrical engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.

After completing his technical studies he migrated to the United States. There he studied in two esteemed institutions the ‘University of Wisconsin’ and the ‘Booth School of Business’. His life was completely changed after joining the IT Company the ‘Microsoft’. His educational background played a vital role to handle the adverse conditions and inculcated leadership qualities in him.

Nadella was born on 19th August 1967 in Hyderabad in a Telugu Family. His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, was a civil servant who worked for the Indian Administrative Service of the Government of India. His mother was a Sanskrit scholar.

Ten Lines on Satya Nadella in English

We are providing here ten important lines on the life history of a famous Indian who became the CEO of ‘Microsoft’, and achieved a lot of name and fame in a short period of time. Through these points you can know about some hidden facts of his life. These lines may be specially used to prepare notes, writing biography, essays, paragraphs, articles etc. It is hoped that these facts will enhance your knowledge and you will enjoy reading:

10 Lines on Satya Nadella – Set 1

1) Unlike many influential CEOs, Nadella is a very private man.

2) According to Reuters, Nadella's appointment as CEO of the Microsoft made him the most influential technical executive of the world.

3) His father, Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, was an IAS and worked as the special secretary to the Prime Minister of India and was also a member of the planning commission.

4) Nadella joined Microsoft in the year 1992 and played a crucial role to introduce new technologies like database, Windows server and developer tools.

5) Microsoft is paying him $669,167 as a base salary plus stock bonuses which add up to $7.6 million.

6) After completing his education Nadella first joined Sun Microsystems.

7) Satya Nadella married his schoolmate Anupama in 1992, and the couple has three children-a son and two daughters- and they all live in Bellevue, Washington.

8) Nadella is a big fan of cricket and he believes that playing in school and college teams, he learnt about team work and leadership.

9) He enjoys poetry and in his Microsoft's official website profile it is mentioned as one of his hobbies.

10) According to several reports, Nadella is a Seattle Seahawks fan.

Here we will know about the life, education, work, and achievements of a famous CEO Satya Nadella. Through these points we will able to know from where he pursued his education, how he was appointed as the CEO of the Microsoft, what he developed after his appointment. These lines will prove to be important for the students for their school assignments as well as a source of inspiration.

10 Lines on Satya Nadella – Set 2

1) Satya Nadella is a technical executive and CEO of Microsoft computers.

2) He was born in India in a Talugu family and later on migrated to the United States.

3) Nadella studied computer science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and received his degree in 1990.

4) Later, he got his admission in the Chicago Booth School of Business and completed his masters in MBA.

5) After joining Microsoft, Nadella has led major projects and had developed one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world.

6) Nadella has narrated a book titled "Hit Refresh" that explores his life, his career in Microsoft and how he believes technology will shape the future.

7) He is an ardent reader of Indian and American poetry and loves to read them in his leisure.

8) Nadella condemned by many when he made a statement that woman should not ask for a raise and should believe the system.

9) Nadella believes in power of knowledge and still registered himself for many online courses to learn new things.

10) He accepted his predecessor Bill Gates as his mentor and went to him for assistance, if he needed any, during his initial days of appointment as CEO of Microsoft.

Due to his knowledge and dedication Satya Nadella has made Microsoft to reach its peak. He introduced many reforms in the company. His endurance and perseverance made him a successful person. He is counted among one of the best CEOs of the world. He is of the opinion that success is the result of hard work for years. His life is a source of inspiration for all.