10 Lines on Data Protection Day

Data Privacy Day is celebrated to make people aware of misuse of their data and adopt the best practices to protect their data from being misused. Data is the collection of important information. The information can be the personal information of anybody or the data of an organization. Personal data or information is being shared at different places like at work, shops, while traveling, surfing, using the internet, etc. For example: Everything about yourself is a bit of information or data about yourself. We are unalarmed by the fact that our personal data can be misused. This is referred to as the breaching of our privacy rights. The misuse of personal data can be harmful to us or might incur a great loss. People are not able to understand what could be done in such a situation. Many times we all would have heard of people committing suicide because of the misuse of their personal information.

Ten Lines on Data Protection Day in English

This topic is important for school students and exam aspirants. Many of us would not have heard the name of this international day celebration. Students often get questions based on this topic in competitive exams. In the same reference, I have provided the sets of ten lines on the topic of Data Protection Day. I hope that it might be beneficial to all the students and readers in getting a quick idea about this topic.

Set 1

1) Every year 28th January is celebrated as Data Privacy Day in the world.

2) The day is regarded as Data Protection Day in Europe.

3) The celebration of this day was instituted by the Council of Europe.

4) This event was first celebrated in the year 2007.

5) The day marks the foundation of Council of Europe Protection Convention 108 on 28th January 1981.

6) The vision of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the misuse of personal data and promote the best data protection practices.

7) It also aims to raise consciousness among the users and businesses to safeguard their personal data online.

8) The day is commemorated in Canada, Israel, the United States, and 47 European countries in the world.

9) The activities fostering the development of personal data protection technologies are encouraged in the celebration of this international event.

10) Several programmes are carried out on this day to make people know about the right to personal data privacy.

Set 2

1)The entire world celebrates 28th January as Data Privacy Day annually.

2) Recently 15th Data Privacy Day was commemorated in the year 2021.

3) Data Protection day came into existence on 28th January in the year 1981.

4) This day was initially commemorated in Europe but gradually became an international event.

5) Countries other than Europe celebrate this day as ‘Data privacy Day’.

6) Several organizations participating in this event make people know about the importance of data privacy and protection.

7) Awareness Programmes, campaigns, and activities are organized in different countries of the world to make users know regarding the privacy of personal data.

8) The international event promotes the use of applications that enables self privacy of users on personal data.

9) The celebration promotes the collaboration of governments, industry, academia, educators, etc to protect people from the risk of data misuse.

10) This day makes every user and professional realize that safeguarding privacy is our own responsibility.


The rising concept of digitalization and online technologies are beneficial for the entire humanity but at the same time also pose a threat to the privacy of personal information. Cybercrimes, data thefts, online frauds, etc are becoming very common nowadays. The celebration of this international event is meant to make people know about these activities and protect their personal data from being misused. People are also encouraged to use different applications and tools to have full control over their personal information while using social networking websites. The necessity of making people understand the protection of their confidential information and minimizing the activity of breaching data privacy led to the initiation of the international event ‘Data Privacy Day’.

I have tried to include every detail regarding the topic in the form of sets of ten lines. I hope that you will find the above-provided information on Data Protection day helpful one.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Data Protection Day

Q.1 What is the objective of data privacy?

Ans. Data protection is mainly focused on the proper handling of sensitive or personal information.

Q.2 Why are call-back security systems used by different companies?

Ans. Call-back security systems are used by different companies to prevent unauthorized access by stolen passwords.