Paragraph on Bismillah Khan

Ustad Bismillah Khan was a renowned musician of India and had mastered playing shehnai. He had a great role in making shehnai music popular in India and the world. Music is a collection of different types of pleasant sounds that gives a soothing effect to our mind and body. This pleasant sound is composed by using different musical instruments. The beautiful soothing music that we hear is made possible by the musicians having proficiency in playing different musical instruments. There have been several great artists and musicians born in India and Ustad Bismillah Khan is one of the shining stars among them.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Bismillah Khan

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Paragraph 1 – 100 Words (A Glance On A Famous Indian Musician)

Bismillah Khan is a popular name in the field of Indian classical music. He was a famous shehnai player and gave national as well as international fame to this folk music. This great musician was born on 21st of March in the year 1916 in the Bihar state of India. He was born in a family that was linked with the art of music from generations. Apart from being a great shehnai player, he was also a very generous person by nature. He had learned to play shehnai from his uncle Ali Baksh Khan who used to play shehnai in Kashi Vishwanath temple of Varanasi. Bismillah Khan also accompanied his uncle to play shehnai in different ceremonies. He has bagged several awards and achievements for his excellent skill of playing shehnai.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words (Bismillah Khan’s Contribution Popularizing Shehnai)

I think that you all would have heard of the beautiful and melodious sound of shehnai often in the marriage ceremonies. Isn’t it true? It is really difficult to imagine that the instrument shehnai that was earlier only the part of folk music has gained the status of becoming classical music. The credit of bringing this form of music to such a height goes to the famous Indian music player named Bismillah Khan. Shehnai is a musical instrument that has been instituted in India. This instrument is made up of wood at one end and has a bell-like metal structure at the other end. It is because of the Ustad Bismillah Khan that shehnai is known in the entire nation and different parts of the world. The people living in western countries now recognize this instrument and show curiosity in learning to play the same. Bismillah Khan is therefore regarded as a precious jewel in the history of India.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words (Bismillah Khan: The Pride of India)

The word shehnai brings the name of great musician Bismillah Khan in our mind. He is popularly said as the pride of the holy city Varanasi in India. He was a person who believed in simple living and high thinking. This was only the thing that differentiated this great personality from others. He had made a lot of effort to become a great musician in India. He started his day with rigorous exercise and then he used to play shehnai throughout the day. Mostly he used to practice playing shehnai near the river Ganga and the temple areas in Varanasi. He was a very spiritual person and greatly believed in God. He also said that his excel in this art was only because of the blessings of Lord Shiva. The great success that he had achieved in his life is because of his earnest love in his passion for playing shehnai. He had travelled to different parts of the world after becoming a famous shehnai player. Many of the countries requested him to stay there for his entire life but he never accepted the same because of his love with Indian state Varanasi. This great musician took his last breath on 21st August 2006 and his death was a great loss for the nation.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words (An Account On Early Life Of Bismillah Khan)

The country India is a treasure of several talented personalities in the field of art and culture. Bismillah Khan is one among them and is regarded as the famous Shehnai player of India. His ultimate love for playing the instrument shehnai has made this art rank among the finest classical music in India. He was given the title of ‘Ustad’ because of his excellence in his art.

Early Life Of Bismillah Khan

Ustad Bismillah Khan was born to Paigambar Baksh and Mitthan Khan on 21st March in the year 1916 in Dumrao a small town in Buxar city of Indian state Bihar. His family members were involved in the profession of music from generations. Qamruddin Khan was the original name of Bismillah Khan. Bismillah Khan which means ‘in the name of Allah’ was the name given to him by his grandfather Rasool Baksh Khan. He went to Varanasi to learn to play Shehnai from his maternal uncle Ali Baksh Khan at the age of six years. Thereafter, he never went away from there and always remained in Varanasi. He tied a knot with his own cousin in the year 1932 and had nine children.

Patron Of Hindu-Muslim Unity

Ustad Bismillah Khan was born in a traditional Muslim family in the Bihar state of India but he is regarded as a patron of Hindu-Muslim unity in the nation. He wanted that the power of music keep the people united and live together. He was a great devotee of goddess Saraswati. Moreover, he used to say that he would play the shehnai because of the blessing of Lord Shiva. He practiced playing shehnai near the temples and in this way, he was promoting the Hindu-Muslim unity in the nation.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words (Ustad’s Journey Of Becoming A Famous Shehnai Player)

The legendry Shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan is a famous name that is recognized very well in India and the entire world. He had added great beauty to the Indian classical music by ornamenting it with the melody of shehnai. His entire life and the effort that he made to reach such a height of success is full of inspiration for the younger generations.

His Journey Of Becoming A Famous Shehnai Player

Bismillah Khan started playing shehnai at a very small age of six years. He was greatly in love with this art and used to call his shehnai his ‘begum’. He learnt to play Shehnai music on different types of ragas and he gave the melody of this instrument to the most difficult ragas that were really impossible to be done with shehnai. In the year 1937, the concert performance at the All India Music Conference in Kolkata gave him great publicity in the nation as a famous shehnai player. Later, he started performing in different concerts held in the nation as well as different countries of the world.

The great musician Bismillah Khan played shehnai in the year 1947, on the eve of first Independence Day at Red Fort. Since then his performance at Red Fort every year had become a part of the Independence Day celebration in the nation. He had also performed in different Bollywood movies and had bagged several awards for the same.

Awards Conferred On Bismillah Khan

Ustad Bismillah Khan had been awarded several awards and achievements for his remarkable contribution to the field of music. He had received India’s highest civilian award named ‘Bharat Ratna’ in the year 2001. He was the third musician in India to get this award after Subbalakshmi and Ravi Shankar. ‘Ustad Bismillah Khan Puraskar’ was the name of award started by the Sangeet Natak Academi in the year 2007 to give tribute to the great musician Bismillah Khan. He had also bagged the Sangeet Natak Academi fellowship and award in 1994 and 1956. He had also been awarded the Tansen award by the government of Madhya Pradesh. There are several awards and honours that have been received by the famous shehnai player Ustad Bismillah Khan for his remarkable contributions to Indian music.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions On Bismillah Khan

Q.1 What was Bismillah Khan popularly called as?

Ans. Bismillah Khan was popularly called ‘Khan Saab’.

Q.2 Which country has built an auditorium built in honour of Bismillah Khan?

Ans. Tehran is the country in the world that has built an auditorium named ‘Tahar Mosiquee Ustad Bismillah Khan’ in honour of Bismillah Khan.

Q.3 Which Raag was played by Bismillah Khan on 15th August in 1947?

Ans. Raag Kafi was played by Bismillah Khan on India’s first Independence Day on 15th August in the year 1947.

Q.4 Where was Bismillah Khan’s first abroad trip?

Ans. Bismillah Khan’s first abroad trip for playing Shehnai was to Afghanistan.