Paragraph on Winter Season

The chilly winds in the morning, leaves and grasses wet with droplets of dew, snowfall in the mountains, and a wood fire lighted at different places give us the essence of the arrival of the winter season. India is among some of the blessed countries of the world. It is because the nation experiences a variety of seasons throughout the year. India is already regarded as a nation having unity in diversity. It is because of people belonging to different cultures living together. In the same way, the country also experiences different types of seasonal variations. There are four seasons in a year and they are named summer, winter, autumn, spring. Every season is unique in its attributes and lasts for almost 3-4 months. 

Short and Long Paragraphs on Winter Season

Students of class 1-12th most often get the topic ‘winter season’ to write an essay, assignment, paragraphs, or to prepare a project. Many students know about the topic but could not understand how to present their views in the form of an essay, paragraph, etc. In the same reference, I have provided sets of short and long paragraphs on the topic of the winter season. I hope that this will be beneficial to all the students in deriving an idea of writing a paragraph, essay, or assignment on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 Words (Winter: The Coldest Season)

The winter season as the name sounds is the coldest season of the year. It is an important season among all four seasons of India. The duration of the winter season is 3-4 months. It begins in the month of November and starts finishing till the end of February or the beginning of March. Winters are at peak in the months of December and January. Woolen clothes are worn by people during the winter season. The days become shorter and nights are of longer duration during the winters. The winters in the mountainous regions in the nation are accompanied by snowfall. Thus, people love to spend vacations in these areas to enjoy the beauty of the winter season.

Paragraph 2- 120 Words (Beauty Of The Winter Season)

The beginning of the winter season in India provides us relaxation from the hot weather conditions of the summer season. The essence of the winter season in India is felt by the chilly winds in the morning. We can see dew drops resting on the grasses, leaves, petals of the flowers in the early morning. The morning walk during the winters is fully refreshing. The gardens are full of beautiful flowers blooming with elegance and making the winters more beautiful. The scenario in the mountainous regions during the winters gives an elegant view. It is because the mountains and fields are covered fully or partially by snow in winters. Different types of fresh fruits and vegetables are available in this season. Thus, people enjoy different kinds of dishes and have fun playing several games during the winter season.

Paragraph 3- 150 Words (Vacations Are Boon During Winters)

There are different seasons in India and every season has its own significance. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons and is also stated as the favorite season by many of us. The children love and enjoy winters very much. It is because the school timings get delayed during the winter months and in this way they get enough time to sleep in their cozy beds. The winter vacations that are mostly provided to the students after the Christmas celebration are exciting for them. The vacations provided by the schools and colleges in the winter season are of very short duration as compared to the summer vacation but are most interesting.

Children eagerly wait for these vacations because they feel happy that they will not have to go to schools in cold conditions. They enjoy playing indoor games with their friends. Many people plan to visit the mountainous regions to experience the beauty of snowfall during these vacations. They also enjoy games like ice skating, making snowman; snow fighting, ice hockey, etc. Thus, vacation fills the season with extreme fun.

Paragraph 4- 200 Words (Attributes Of Winter Season)

Every season is a mixture of beautiful and bitter experiences. The month of November or December marks the beginning of the winter season in India. The essence of winters brings different changes in the environment. People tend to remain indoors during this season to protect themselves from the cold weather conditions outside.

Characteristics Of Winter Season

There are several changes that give us the essence of the winter season. The duration of days becomes shorter as compared to the nights. The sunrise is late during the winter season. Moreover, it can be stated that the beginning of the winter is an end to the hot sunny days in the summer season. In winters the sunrise is late and the intensity of sunlight is also very weak. Many of the days during this season are cloudy or foggy with no sun. Snowfall occurs in the mountainous regions making those regions the colder ones. People are seen wearing woolen clothes like sweaters, jackets, pullovers, shawls, etc. to protect themselves from cold winds.

The Season Of Becoming Healthy

Winters are the best among all the seasons for becoming healthy. It is because in this season a variety of fresh fruits and green vegetables are available. Several types of dishes and stuffed parathas are cooked and served hot in the winter. People enjoy hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate this season. Gajar ka Halwa is a special sweet delicacy prepared in northern India during winters. The winter season is thus stated as the season of becoming healthy as people enjoy eating different types of dishes. Moreover, food gets easily digested in this season as compared to the other seasons.

Paragraph 5- 250 Words (Festivals Enhancing Joy of Winters)

The winter season is the most awaited season after the extremely hot summers in India. This is an important season for Rabi crops and lasts for almost 3-4 months in a year. December and January are the extremely colder months of the year.  People gather around the wood fire lit up at different places to get warmth and protect themselves from the chilling cold conditions. The winter is most severe in the mountainous regions due to snowfall.

Festivals Enhancing The Joy Of Winter Season

The great festivals like Diwali, Christmas, and New Year celebrations enhance the joy of the winter season. Schools and colleges are normally closed before the Christmas holidays. Since Christmas is the last festival of the year and therefore it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. People of every religion celebrate and enjoy this festivity. Children are most excited to celebrate the festival of Christmas along with the welcoming of New Year. These festivals make this season more delightful. Many families plan for vacation trips or picnics during the winter holidays.

Challenges In Winter Season

Winters are beautiful for the people, who are having all the facilities like a good house, warming equipment, and good woolen clothes. The cold weather conditions are very challenging for the poor people who lack these facilities. The rich people can manage easily if they do not attend the office in the severe winter conditions. Moreover, they have to work in offices that are full of all facilities so they can manage the severity of the cold weather conditions.

The poor people cannot manage their living if they skip their work. Thus, they have to work regularly in spite of the extreme cold conditions outside. They also do not have good woolen clothes to wear nor money to buy expensive clothes. Many people who do not have houses and spend their life in slums or on the roadside fall sick or die in severe winters as they cannot withstand the extremely cold weather conditions. These are the bitter challenges faced by the people during the winter season.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Winter Season

Q.1 What is meant by winter in simple words?

Ans. Winter in simple words means the duration of the coldest months in a year.

Q.2 Which fruits are available in the winter season?

Ans. Fruits like apples, oranges, kiwi, guava, strawberries, plum, etc are available in the winter season.

Q.3 Which crops are sown in the winter season?

Ans. Rabi crops are sown during the winter season.

Q.4 Which country in the world has the coldest winters?

Ans. Antarctica is the country in the world having the coldest winters.