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Aryabhata was a renowned Indian mathematician and a great astronomer. We study different subjects and every subject has equal importance in our life. Can you imagine what our life would be without mathematics? We would not be able to count anything, determine shapes, perform calculations, etc. Mathematics plays a very important role in different aspects of our lives. I think that we all find it interesting to read or write about great personalities and their contribution to the world. The great Indian mathematician Aryabhata has a major contribution to the field of mathematics. The invention of different mathematical calculations, equations, and formulas were possible because of his high intelligence power.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Aryabhata

This topic is very important for the students of all classes and the competitive exam aspirants. The students often get this topic to write an essay, assignment, project, etc on it. In the same reference, I have provided some sets of short and long paragraphs on this topic. I hope that this might be beneficial in providing you an idea of writing essays, assignments, projects, etc on this topic.

Paragraph 1- 100 Words (Elucidation Of Great Scientist Of Ancient India- Aryabhata)

Ancient India marks the presence of several renowned thinkers, philosophers, and scientists. These great personalities had their major contributions in different fields. Aryabhata, regarded as the great Indian mathematician, is also one of the precious jewels of ancient India. His remarkable contributions in the field of physics and mathematics have been useful for the entire humanity. He was a very intelligent person and had vast knowledge in the field of mathematics. He at the very young age of 23 had made excellent contributions in the field of mathematics and astronomy. He had done such inventions at a time when there was no technology or equipment. He also wrote different books that will be guiding us till generations.

Paragraph 2- 120 Words (Aryabhata: The Genius Mathematician and Astronomer)

I think that you all would have heard the name of the Aryabhata. This great mathematician was born in 476 A.D. Many of us recognize him as the discoverer of zero but his finding is not limited only upto this. His work also includes sinusoidal functions, the value of pi, algebraic identities, number system, etc. His findings form the fundamentals of mathematics at present. These fundamentals have become part of the syllabus in every school in the world. This is a sad thing that his name is never mentioned in the modern world for the discovery of other things rather than zero. Apart from being a great mathematician he was also an astronomer and gave the explanation of lunar and solar eclipse, the concept of rotation of the earth on its axis, the diameter of earth, etc. His inventions were not acknowledged by the entire scientific community at that time but were recognized later and this gave birth to the invention of several new concepts afterward.

Paragraph 3- 150 Words (Aryabhata: Pride of India)       

Aryabhata was a great Indian mathematician of ancient India who had a great contribution in revealing the unknown facts of this universe. He had been a genius behind several discoveries in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics and therefore is the pride of India. Aryabhatiya and Arya-Siddhanta are the famous works of Aryabhata. The invention of zero by him had been an outstanding finding in the field of mathematics because without it mathematics is not possible.

The fact that the earth is round and rotates on its axis at a distance from the sun is known to be revealed by the western world but was originally discovered by Aryabhata. He also stated that the earth rotates but the sun is fixed at one place. His inventions in the field of mathematics, physics and astronomy have a major role in the advancement of science. It took several years for the scientists of the world to analyze his discoveries that he did at a very small age. This determines his high power of thinking and intelligence.

Paragraph 4- 200 Words (An Account On Life of Aryabhata)

The birth of a renowned personality named Aryabhata in ancient India during the 5th century is really a great pride for the nation. He was a genius mathematician and great astronomer. His contributions in the field of mathematics and astronomy had brought wonder in the field of science. India’s first satellite launched in the year 1975 was named Aryabhata in honor of this renowned mathematician. Moreover, he was also regarded as the first mathematician in India.

Life History of Aryabhata

Aryabhata has been born in 476 A.D. during the rule of the Gupta Empire in India. There are very few details available regarding the life of Aryabhata. The facts that are known had been revealed from his work. His appearance is also not known to the people of the world. His name is mostly spelled as ‘Aryabhatta’ but it is the wrong spelling of the name. The proper spelling of his name is Aryabhata. The birthplace of the great mathematician Aryabhata is not yet confirmed and is a point of confusion. According to some literary sources, it is stated that he was born in Pataliputra or Kusumapura that is called Patna in Bihar at present. It is stated that he went to Kusumapura to attain higher and advanced education. Later, he was also made the head of Nalanda University that was located in Kusumapura. There are very details of his life and that also had been revealed by his notable contributions.

An Inspiring Personality- Aryabhata was a great ancient scientist who had a remarkable contribution in the field of mathematics and astronomy at the very young age of 23 years. He had made such progress in spite of several odds and difficulties. People were not even aware of counting at that time when he had discovered such facts of the universe and mathematics. His inventions have been fundamental for the development of modern mathematics. Therefore, we can say that the entire life and work of the genius mathematician is inspirational for young minds.

Paragraph 5- 250 Words (The Notable Works of Aryabhata)

The history of ancient India is full of people who have made major contributions to development. They have revealed several concepts of the universe years ago and that are analyzed and presented by the scientists at present. Aryabhata was the first Indian mathematician who discovered the fundamentals of mathematics during a time when people were not even aware of counting. He was very interested in observing the phenomenon happening in the universe and thus he also explained several astronomical processes happening in the universe.

His Notable Works

Aryabhata has made a notable contribution in the field of mathematics and astronomy. His different books on astronomy and mathematics have been referred to as his famous work. Some of the work that had been written by him has been lost and thus no longer exists at present. Aryabhatiya and Arya- Siddhartha are the names of his famous works.

  • Aryabhatiya- This book of Aryabhata is not among the lost ones and exists till present. It is a collection of mathematical and astronomical theories and concepts. The theories of algebra, arithmetic, plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, quadratic equations, fractions, power series, table of sines, etc are available in the mathematical portion of the book. This book is categorized into three parts namely Ganita, Kala-Kriya, and Gola.
  • Arya-Siddhanta- This book of Aryabhata is a compilation of different astronomical facts and has been lost in the past. It contains the details of what happens in the universe after midnight. It also describes several astronomical instruments. There is another existing book in Arabic named Al-nanf and this is only surviving in Arabic translation.

The Forgotten Mathematician

The history of India reveals several scientists, philosophers and scholars that had a major role in the development of the nation. Aryabhata was a genius mathematician and his contributions in the field of mathematics and astronomy were revolutionary. It has been noticed that many facts related to the universe have been revealed very early by these ancient scientists but they were neither unveiled nor could be kept protected. Moreover, he could not even get good public recognition for his discoveries. He discovered such important fundamentals at a time when people were uneducated and just spent the majority of their time arranging food for their families. It is sad to state that the name of this great scientist is not as famous as it should be.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Aryabhata

Q.1 When did the great mathematician Aryabhata die?

Ans. The great mathematician Aryabhata died in 550 CE.

Q.2 Who is regarded as the Father of Indian Mathematics?

Ans. Aryabhata is regarded as the Father of Indian Mathematics.

Q.3 Why was the name Aryabhata-I given to the great mathematician Aryabhata?

Ans. The name Aryabhata-I is given to the great Indian mathematician to differentiate him from Aryabhata-II in the 10th century.