Paragraph on Benefits of Morning Walk

Morning walk refers to the process of exercising by walking early in the morning.As it is done early in the morning, one needs to get up early.“Health is wealth”, the famous proverb represents the importance of good health in everyone’s life. In order to keep yourself healthy, one should have a healthy diet as well as perform certain exercises and meditation. Exercise is a physical activity that is helpful in maintaining good health and fitness. There are various types of exercises like cardio, aerobic, jogging, cycling, etc. One of them is the morning walk. Today we will discuss the importance of morning walks.

Short and Long Paragraphs on Benefits of Morning Walk

Here, I’m providing paragraphs on the Benefits of Morning Walk in different word limits. This will be helpful for students of all classes. In fact, elders can also seek knowledge about the health benefits of morning walk from this paragraph.

Paragraph 1 – 100 Words (What is Morning Walk?)

Health refers to the state of well-being that is free from unwanted stress, and disease. Morning walk is considered healthy for human beings. It is beneficial for humans of all age groups. The easiest and cheapest method of maintaining good health is through a morning walk.

The morning atmosphere is filled with pure air and peace. It helps us to relax our mind as well as our body. Morning is the time when most of our body partsare slow. Walking in the morning refreshes all the body parts and generatesa good mood.

Paragraph 2 – 120 Words (Tips for Morning Walk)

Today’s youngsters don’t want to get up early in the morning. They sleep late at night and feel lazy to get up early. But we should always keep in mind that “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

You can follow a few tips that can make your morning walk more interesting. Put an alarm and don’t let any excuse ruin your routine. You can wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Choose a different route every day, so that you will not get bored and will experience something new. Create a good playlist of songs. Listening to songs during the walk is a good way to engage yourself with interest. You can join your friends so that it will be much more interesting to walk every day.

Paragraph 3 – 150 Words (Personal Benefits)

Morning walk is a simple workout technique that possesses various health benefits. One should always go outdoors for walking instead of indoors.Apart from health benefits, it is also helpful for personal developments like:

  • Feel better:The peace in the morning with birds chirping relaxes the mind. Therefore,a morning walk helps you to feel betterthe whole day.
  • Happy mood:Walking early in the morning, generates a good mood. It reduces stress and anxiety hence; morning walk helps you to start a good day ina good mood.
  • Self-discipline: Going to walk regularly generates the habit of punctuality. Therefore, it is also helpful in generating self-discipline.
  • Level up energy:The refreshing morning environment increases the energy level in our body. It also helps to improve our concentration as well as creative skills.
  • Better sleep:A morning walk helps you to sleep timely at night. Therefore, it is helpful to relax our mind and will function properly.

Paragraph 4 – 200 Words (Disadvantages)

Morning walk is flooded with many advantages but it does have some disadvantages when not performed properly. Some of them are listed below:

  • Slow process:The process of walking helps to burn fat but very slowly. When compared to other high-intensity exercises, a morning walk would not be a good choice for one looking for quick results.
  • Main Focus on the Lower body: Walking mainly focuses on shaping the lower muscles. However, it is not much more beneficial for upper body parts. Walking continuously without proper knowledge can damage the joints and knees.
  • Time-consuming: The time you spend walking can be used to do other exercises like running that will reduce more calories in the same time period.
  • Blood pressure: Walking just after getting up in the morning sometimes lowers blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat level, especially in senior citizens. Therefore, it can be injurious for the health of older people.
  • Overwalking: Walking should be performed for a certain period of time. overwalking will be injurious for your body. Walking for more than needed time can lead to back pain, knee pain, tiredness, headache, etc.
  • Injuries: Not walking properly will lead to some chronic injuries. The benefit of walking can only be achieved when performed accurately. Uncomfortable shoes can cause blisters in the feet.

Paragraph 5 – 250 Words (Health Benefit)

Walking is good to live a healthy life and the best time to walk is in the morning. It is helpful in fighting various diseases. Some of the health benefits of morning walk is as follows: 

  • Diabetes: Morning walk helps to regulate the flow of glucose in the blood properly. Regular walking helps to burn calories and reduces the risk of diabetes. According to the doctors, it is also helpful for people already suffering from diabetes. It helps in maintaining the hormones responsible for glucose absorption in the body.
  • Depression: Morning walk helps to reduce stress and anxiety, the elements of bad mood. It keeps our minds healthy and active. Endorphins, a happy mood hormone, is secreted at the time of walking. Hence it directly reduces the chances of depression. 
  • Heart attack: Walking helps in burning calories, reducing unnecessary fat, maintaining proper blood circulation, etc. Therefore, it directly reduces the risk of heart-related issues. According to a survey, up to 19% chances of heart disease are controlled through walking regularly.
  • Joint pain: Morning walk helps to reduce joint pain to a great extent. As you get older, the bones start losing their density. Movement of joints is necessary which is well provided by walking. It also helps in curing arthritis.
  • Digestion: Walking helps in the proper digestion of food and also helps to control obesity. It reduces the time of moving food from the stomach to the intestine.
  • Weight loss: Another main advantage of morning walks is weight loss. Walking helps to burn calories and maintain a good figure. Regular walking for 30 minutes will show the result in a few weeks.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Benefits of Morning Walk

Q.1 What is the best time for a morning walk?

Ans.The time between 5 am to 6 am is considered good for a morning walk.

Q.2 How much walking is necessary?

Ans. On average, 10,000 steps per day are required for an adult.

Q.3 Does morning walk help to reduce belly fat?

Ans.Morning walks can be helpful for reducing belly fat. About 150 calories can be burnedby 30 minutes of walking.

Q.4 How many calories are burnedin one hour of walking?

Ans. On average about 210 to 360 calories can be burned in one hour of walking.