10 Lines on Birds

Among many species in existence, birds are the most common one found across the globe. There are almost more than ten thousands of species of birds occupying broad range of our biological ecosystem. Birds have some common features like they all have feathers, wings and the two legs. They are considered to be the warm blooded species forming very important part of our ecosystem with presence in every continent including Antarctic. Many species of the birds can adapt to the multiple habitats along with seasonal change.

Ten Lines on Birds in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Birds in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for their proper understanding. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exams and in competition.

10 Lines on Birds

1) Birds belong to Aves category of the endothermic vertebrates which can fly to the wide range of altitudes due to unique features of feathers, skeleton and high metabolism.

2) Birds are four chambered heart species due to which their respiratory system is quite unique.

3) In research it has been found that birds are the evolved species of theropod dinosaurs. As per the fossil records their emergence happened 160 million years ago.

4) Lifespan of average birds is in between two to five years, however albatross one of the species of birds has survived for 42 years.

5) Birds use nests in order to provide shelter and protection to the young born. They lay hard shelled eggs in the nests.

6) Birds may be omnivorous, carnivorous or herbivorous in nature depending upon the species and their diet includes everything from flower nectar to insects.

7) Birds are found all over the world including Antarctica. The birds which are found under water are known as seabirds and water birds.

8) There are about more than 10000 species of birds. The flightless birds include penguins and ratites.

9) Some of the birds which are also known as nuisance birds include blackbirds, crows, ducks, geese, heron, pigeons, sparrows, starlings. They also have the reputation of damaging the crop.

10) Chicken is one of the most widespread birds found worldwide. Size of the bird may vary from two inches (Bee hummingbird) to as big as 2.75 meters (Ostrich).

10 Lines and Sentences on Birds

1) Some birds are quite intelligent like crows and parrots due to their capability to communicate via intuition method. They transmit the information via voice modulation.

2) Terrestrial plain, lawns, towns, forests, agricultural and grassland areas are their ideal habitats. They build their nests in areas like trees, tall grass.

3) Few birds like penguin and seabirds can’t fly as they have very small feathers.

4) The birds like peacock symbolize decent rainfall and weather whereas owls, bats, vultures are considered to indicate bad climate and weather.

5) Birds are considered to be the cooperative breeders and can live in flocks because they exhibit social behaviour.

6) The average female birds can lay 4 to 5 eggs which are generally brown and white in colour.

7) Birds have the ability to fly to any habitat for the survival. They can adapt to any climatic condition due to their unique feature of the metabolism.

8) The several researchers from America and around the globe have found the direct relation between changing climatic conditions and weather with survival of birds species.

9) Birds can transmit the parasites to humans via contact with bird faeces. Some of the common diseases that birds may transmit are bird flu, encephalitis, E.coli, etc.

10) Birds are known to be having very close connection with the environment and due to their ability of intuition and intelligence they can predict weather forecast.

5 Lines on Birds

1) There are many types of birds.

2) They are of different colors.

3) They live in nests.

4) They make the environment pleasant.

5) Parrot, sparrow, crow, etc are some birds.

20 Lines on Birds

1) Birds belong to a group of vertebrates with wings and toothless beaks.

2) Birds have a strong but lightweight skeleton which helps them in flying.

3) The wings of the birds have evolved from forelimbs.

4) Crocodilians are supposedly the closest living relatives of the birds.

5) Birds like parrots and crows are considered very intelligent than other bird species.

6) Many bird species are found to pass on knowledge across generations.

7) Many species of birds migrate to great distances and are called migratory birds.

8) Some species of birds are domesticated by humans for eggs, meat and feathers.

9) Birds inhabit all the seven continents, even in extreme climatic conditions.

10) Today, human activities are threatening existence of many species of birds.

11) Some seabird species come ashore only for breeding and laying eggs.

12) Ostrich bird has the fastest running speed of 97kph.

13) Kiwi birds found in Australia are the only flightless species of birds.

14) The bones of the birds have cavities which make them lighter and help in flying.

15) Some birds are extremely good in mimicking human speeches and sounds.

16) Some species of ducks are known to sleep with one eye open.

17) Pigeons are known to keep a single partner for their whole life, like humans.

18) The visual system of birds is highly developed than that of mammals.

19) A few species of the birds use chemical defense system against the predators.

20) Birds indulge in grooming their own feathers, beaks and paws, spending a good amount of time.

Now a days, due to human interventions like act of polluting the environment, hunting, poaching most of the species of birds have gone into extinction. Even the numbers of birds in aquatic planes like ducks, penguins, and swans are under constant threat of extinction because of the pollutants like industrial waste; chemicals are getting added every day to the water bodies.

The concurrent role of government, society and charitable NGO’s has become important if we want to save these amazing creatures from extinction. Appropriate steps should be taken in order to provide them a cleaner and safer habitat.

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