10 Lines on Owls

Owls are the birds belonging to the category of 200 species of nocturnal birds with presence in all across the globe except Antarctica. The scientific name of the species is Strigiformes. Owls belong to the special category of the birds which generally sleep during the day time and hunt at night. Owl prefers to live alone meaning they don’t form a group and are not very social in nature like other birds species.

Ten Lines on Owls

Set 1

1) Owls have very diverse groups including medium sized to large one with strong legs and feathers. They have very colourful feathers which provide camouflage for prey.

2) Lifespan of average Owl is around 20 years.

3) Owls lay 3 to 4 eggs which are white in colour and round in shape.

4) Owls are carnivorous in nature and their diet includes rodents, small mammals, fish, birds, and insects.

5) There are about 200 species of Owls out of which 190 species are known as true Owls and 10 species are barn Owls which have heart shape face. The colour, size and shape may vary for true Owls.

6) Owls fly silently as they have the very soft feathers which in turn help them in hunting the prey.

7) The Owls have farsightedness which means objects which are closer to their eyes aren’t visible.

8) Owls eat rodents hence they are the natural pest controller which helps in agriculture.

9) Sometimes owls eat other owl and they can swallow their prey entirely including skin bones.

10) Just like other birds, crows and peacocks, owls also have symbolic meaning in ancient culture. They are considered to be the symbols of death and evil.

Set 2

1) Owls have the ability to rotate the head all the way round which is approximately around 270 degrees.

2) Owls have round shaped eyes similar to tube in shape which almost accounts for 1 to 5 percent of Owls body weight.

3) Female owls are comparatively larger than male owls.

4) Owls use their asymmetrical ears in hunting the prey from various dimensions. They can utilize their eyes and ears to aim and attack the prey in effective manner.

5) Owls make very different types of noise like hooting, whistles, growls and when threatened to life it would produce hissing sound.

6) Very interesting fact about the barn owl, they have the capacity to eat 1000 mice in a year.

7) Owls do not build nests of their own; they use the nests or cavities in the trees of other birds.

8) Owls don’t have the teeth like other birds that is why they swallow entire prey.

9) 33% of the entire owls species are either endangered or at risk of extinction.

10) Owls played very important role in “Harry Potter” series of movies quite popular among children. There were seven different owls played the role of Hedwig in various parts of the movies.

10 Lines on Owls

The above facts which include their unique features prove that Owls as a creatures are the most enigmatic and mysterious birds around the globe. The burning issue in today’s scenario is most of the species of Owls (220 in numbers) are either endangered or are going to extinct due to various reasons. The major reasons which are disturbing the habitat of owls species are pollution and poaching.

In order to protect the habitat of owls the government across the globe should have stringent laws like United States for example no individuals can have owls as their pets. Hunting and poaching activities should be considered as illegal and strictest punishment for the individuals not complying with law.