10 Lines on Bats

Bats are the mammals belonging to the Chiroptera (Scientific name) category of species with presence in all across the globe except in deserts and Polar Regions. Bats belong to the special category of the mammals which are capable of maintaining sustained flights due to thin wings. They are also known as nocturnal flyers. With more than 1200 species around the world bats are considered to be extremely intelligent and social creatures.

We know that many people across the globe consider the bats as disease carriers but in reality they are needed for healthy environment. They help the fruits in pollination and eat thousands of insects which can damage crops.

Let’s find below some of the interesting facts which I am sure would enhance your knowledge and make your understanding better about the bat as an amazing species.

Ten Lines on Bats in English

We have provided ten lines on Bats in English for enhancing your knowledge of the Bats as one of the most intelligent mammal on this planet earth. Further you can add these 10 points in your essay and paragraph writing in the class or any competition or in any exam.

10 Lines on Bats - Set 1

  1. Bats can be classified into two groups mega bats and micro bats basically varying in size and weight. Flying foxes have the largest wingspans (1.8 m) with 990 gram weight and fall under the category of mega bats whereas bumblebee bats is the smallest bat (3 cm in length and 2 gram in weight) among micro bats category.
  2. Lifespan of average Bats is around 30 years.
  3. Bats are the only mammals that can fly.
  4. Baby bats which are also known as pups. Female bats give birth to one baby per season and they form a close knit group known as colony for the better rearing of the pups.
  5. Bats are omnivorous in nature and their diet includes insects, frogs, fishes, and fruits.
  6. There are almost around 1200 species of bats across the globe and they form almost 25 percent of the mammals.
  7. Bats help in pollination by spreading seeds for nuts, bananas, mangoes and plants like cactus.
  8. They also eat lot of insects and they can catch 1300 insects in one hour especially in nights.
  9. Many plants which are important from medicinal point of view meaning can be utilized as medicines depend upon bats for their survival,
  10. Bats are very obsessed with cleaning they spend most of the time in licking and scratching the body for hours.

We have provided another set of 10 lines on Bats (facts about Bats) so that you can use these interesting lines in your assignment, speech, presentation or any other competition in your school. Parents can use these points for their kids and children because the language used here is very easy and simple to comprehend.

10 Lines on Bats - Set 2

  1. Many species of bats have the ability to hang upside down due to their evolved feet and limbs.
  2. Bats are not considered to be harmful for us until we come in direct contact of its saliva.
  3. Bats sleep during the day time and are very active in night.
  4. The excreta of bats popularly known as Guano is used as fertilizers. Guano can be utilized for making explosives because of the presence of potassium nitrate.
  5. As per the research, Bats can reach speed of 100 miles per hour.
  6. More than 60 percent of the species of Bats in America are facing risk of extinction due to loss in habitat and rabies disease.
  7. Bats can easily digest flowers, insects, and fruits due to their high metabolism rate.
  8. Bats are the only mammal which can fly, swim and run.
  9. Bats have very unique breeding pattern. They usually mate in summer and early autumn at hibernation sites.
  10. Bats can fold wings to trap the air against their own bodies for protecting themselves from cold. They generally prefer caves, trees, barns for their habitat.

After going through the above facts and figures about Bats, one can easily say that they are the most fascinating creatures of the planet earth. Rapid industrialization, pollution, deforestation are creating major threat to the survival of bats species. Many countries like United States and Indonesia have built huge national parks for the conservation of the bats species.

As per the researchers across the globe bats play a very important role in our biological system by supporting many plants to grow and survive, therefore it’s responsibility of the humans to protect and preserve the habitat of the endangered species like bats.