10 Lines on Mouse

Mouse is a small mammal belonging to the Rodentia (Order) category of species with presence in all across the globe including Antarctica. The scientific name of mouse is “Mus Musculus”. Generally considered as nocturnal mammal, mice are found in abundance around the world. They have very unique pointed nose, small round shape ears and long thin tail. Out of 1500 species of rodents spread around the world, mice are considered to be the easy prey for birds, reptiles and other large mammals.

Ten Lines on Mouse in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, few lines and sentences on Mouse for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in form of sets. This topic is very useful for everyone who wants to know about Mouse in detail within less time.

10 Lines on Mouse

1) There are many varieties of mice (35 to 40 species) including house mouse, deer mouse, laboratory mice varying in size and colours.

2) Lifespan of average mice lies in between 5 to 8 years.

3) Adult mice might weigh in the range of 20 g to 42 g. Length of the body lies between 8 to 10 cm.

4) Female mice give birth to almost dozen pups after carrying them in stomach for 21 days.

5) Mice are the mammals which are amazing high jumpers .They can jump up to 26 cm.

6) Mice are largely herbivorous in nature and their diet includes vegetables, grains, and fruits.

7) Mice are very organized and prefer to groom themselves every now and then. They keep their surrounding clean.

8) Mice have very unique way of communication. They can communicate through face and also through ultrasonic sound.

9) Mice have profound memories and poor eyesight.

10) Mice can carry lot of germs which are very harmful to humans because they can spread the disease.

10 Lines and Sentences on Mouse

1) Mice have played very famous characters in “Tom and Jerry”, Mickey Mouse cartoons for children from Walt Disney production.

2) Mouse has great religious significance. They are deeply regarded in ancient Greece and Hindu mythology. Lord Ganesha has mouse as a carrier.

3) Laboratory mice are used in numerous experiments by the scientist across the globe.

4) Mice are the great explorers. They navigate daily in the search of food.

5) Humans have to be quite watchful and aware in case for saving themselves from the diseases which are being spread by mice. They can spread many bacterial, viral, fungal diseases.

6) Mice can find their way through small gaps, cracks and holes.

7) Mice are also used as staple food by humans in areas of Egypt and Zambia.

8) Mice have the uncanny ability of building complex tunnel which are equipped with specific routes and tunnels.

9) It has been found in research by the scientist that 90% of human genes are similar to that of mice.

10) Mice are quick learners and good problem solvers owing to their great intelligence quotient level.

5 Lines on Mouse

1) Mouse is a small animal.

2) They have sharp teeth.

3) They can live months without water.

4) They are herbivores animal.

5) They can live in any environmental condition.

20 Lines on Mouse

1) A mouse is a very small and clever creature on this earth.

2) It is also domesticated as a pet by many people.

3) It has the habit of cutting things into pieces.

4) Mice are said to be enemies of farmers as they damage the grains.

5) The mouse is capable of living without drinking water for months.

6) They spread infectious diseases by their urine, feces, and body hairs.

7) A mouse is the most used animal for conducting researches and experimental works.

8) The female mouse can reproduce 5-10 times in a year.

9) It gives birth to 3-14 pups at a time that are pinkish in color.

10) The character of the mouse is featured in different cartoon shows that make it interesting for children.

11) A mouse is a very small mammal that is found everywhere on this earth.

12) They can survive in every type of environmental condition.

13) Small body, pointed snout, rounded ears, and long tail represent the body features of a mouse.

14) The life span of a mouse is 2-5 years.

15) It is a herbivorous animal that feeds on fruits, grasses, and seeds.

16) This creature is nocturnal and actively roams during the evening and night.

17) The mouse has the habit of wandering in search of food all time.

18) It is food for many birds, cats, snakes, wild dogs, etc.

19) The vision of mouse is very weak but they have the good smelling and hearing ability.

20) The strong sense of smelling and hearing helps them to search for food and sense any type of danger.

Millions of mice are being used as a sample in the laboratories by researchers across the globe. The experiments which are being carried on mice like poisoning, burning, electric shocks are quite painful for these species and many at times they end up dying after suffering for a long time. As mice resemble great order of homology with humans they are the most common mammals being used as research samples in the field of biology.

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