10 Lines on Elephant

Elephants are the mammals belonging to the Elephantidae (including mammoths) category of species with presence in all around the globe. One of the biggest land species on planet earth, elephants are spread across forests and deserts found in entire Asia and Africa. The species which is regarded as the most lovable creatures and respected by different cultures around the world, elephants are considered to be extremely intelligent and social animals like apes and humans.

Ten Lines on Elephant in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, few lines and sentences on Elephant for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in form of sets. This topic is very useful for everyone who wants to know about Elephant in detail within less time.

10 Lines on Elephant

1) Elephants can be classified in to two groups African elephants and Asian elephants with difference in size and weight. Average height of the elephant could vary between 2.5 to 3 m and can weigh up to 6000 kg.

2) Lifespan of average elephant is around 70 years.

3) Some of the unique features of the body part of elephants are long trunk, tusks with incisors used for moving and grasping the object and unusually large ears.

4) Baby elephants which are also known as calves may weigh around 100-120 kg.

5) Female elephants are pregnant for 22 months meaning they have very long gestation period.

6) Elephants give birth to one calf at a time and female elephant can give birth to 10- 12 calves in entire life.

7) Elephants are herbivorous in nature and their diet includes fruits, leaves, grass, flowers. etc.

8) An adult elephant can eat up 280 lbs of food in a day. They spend almost 10 to 15 hours of day in eating.

9) More than 150000 elephants have lost their life owing to poaching and habitat loss in less than a decade.

10) Many elephants are killed for their ivory tusks, which is illegally traded across the globe.

10 Lines and Sentences on Elephant

1) As elephants are the social creatures, they form a family unit also known as herd (20-25 elephants in a group).

2) Elephants can store lot of information and can remember things for many years due to size and capacity of brain.

3) Elephants can communicate by various means for example using the trunk and making sound.

4) In a day, elephants produce large amount of methane gas after digestion which can fuel car for 30 km.

5) Elephants love water bath. Frequent baths help their skin in protecting from insect bite.

6) Elephants like other intelligent animals (apes and humans) exhibit lot of emotions even crying and grief.

7) Elephants can detect thunderstorms due to their high intuition ability.

8) Elephants can recognize themselves in mirror owing to their ability of high self-awareness.

9) Elephants are not capable of jumping because of heavy body weight but can run at the speed of 35 km per hour.

10) Weight of the elephant tusk is around 25 pounds and it can be as costly as 15000$.

5 Lines on Elephant

1) Elephant is a big animal.

2) They have two big ears.

3) They are mostly found in jungles.

4) They have a large trunk.

5) Elephants are very obedient.

20 Lines on Elephant

1) The elephant is the biggest living land mammal on the earth.

2) African bush elephant, Asian elephant, and African forest elephant are three species of elephants.

3) A long trunk, four heavy legs, a strong body, large ears are the body features of an elephant.

4) Elephants are mostly found in different regions of Asia and Africa.

5) It is of grey or brown color depending upon their species.

6) Elephant is a herbivore and feeds on plant parts like roots, grasses, fruits, and bark of trees.

7) The average life expectancy of an elephant is 50 to 70 years.

8) The gestation period in female elephants is of two years.

9) The young ones of an elephant feed on their mother’s milk for initial three months after birth.

10) Elephants mostly live in forests as they need enough space, food, and water for survival.

11) Elephant is a giant creature on earth belonging to the family Elephantidae.

12) It is a social animal and prefers living in groups.

13) Elephant mourn on the death of its family members.

14) It is a sensitive animal and can express the feeling of joy, love, and grief.

15) Every group of elephants is guided by the oldest member of the group.

16) The male elephants do not live in groups instead they live freely.

17) An elephant can suck up to 10 liters of water in its trunk.

18) It is mostly hunted for its ivory and skin.

19) Forest destruction by human beings is the major cause of their reduction in number.

20) Elephant is worshiped in India as it is considered as the symbol of good luck.

In the current scenario, it’s very sad that many elephants Asian as well as African have been listed as vulnerable species. They are facing a huge threat from humans as many are getting killed by them for commercial use of ivory tusks, meat, and hides.

Apart from the reasons like human wild conflict and climate change, loss of habitat due to reduced forest cover is playing a major role in the extinction of many of the species of elephants. The mitigation of human conflict with wildlife by conserving the habitat of elephants through parks, providing legal protection can be some of the effective formulas to protect the world’s most lovable species.

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