10 Lines on Pigeon

Pigeons are the birds belonging to the category of 310 species with presence all around the globe except places with extreme temperatures (either very low or very high). The scientific name of the species is Columbiformes. Pigeons are considered to be the most powerful birds pigeons are also one of the favourite pets of humans because of their sheer beauty and intelligence. Pigeons prefer to live in a group and are very social in nature like other birds species. They are considered to be very friendly to humans and over a period of time they have played very important role in our civilization. Like in World war, pigeons were used as message carriers.

Ten Lines on Pigeon in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, few lines and sentences on Pigeon for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in form of sets. This topic is very useful for everyone who wants to know about Pigeon in detail within less time.

10 Lines on Pigeon

1) The pigeon is a bird that can be found in every habitat in the world.

2) Lifespan of average Pigeon is around 15 years.

3) Pigeons lay 1 to 3 eggs which are white colour.

4) Pigeons are herbivorous in nature and their diet includes seeds, fruits and plants.

5) Fat body, small neck, and short thin beak are the body features of this bird.

6) They are of different colours like white, blue-black, ash-red, and brown.

7) The size of the pigeon can be as large as 19 inches and an adult pigeon can weigh up to 8.8 pounds.

8) Pigeons are very clever and they have very unique ability to find their way home.

9) Pigeons prefer to live in flocks (20 to 30 birds) and are monogamous creature.

10) Pigeons can detect sound at lower frequencies and can forecast distant storms.

10 Lines and Sentences on Pigeon

1) Pigeons have deep meaning in religion and are considered as symbol of love.

2) Many species of pigeons are used as food in areas like Rome, Middle East and Europe.

3) The chicks of the pigeons generally leave the nests after two months and are particularly named as “squabs”.

4) Pigeons are intelligent enough to find their mating partner for life and can breed up to 6-8 times a year in favourable conditions.

5) The breeding pair of pigeons build nests with sticks and they feed pigeon milk (crop milk) to squabs.

6) Pigeons are the champion in racing and are multitasker. Even if they are left 1300 miles away from their home they would return back.

7) Falcons are the real predators of pigeons and the survival chance of the pigeons from falcons depends upon the colour pattern of feathers. If the colour of the feather of pigeon is white there is a high chance falcons won’t attack as per the research study.

8) Pigeons have the very unique ability of understanding the time, space and matter.

9) It has been proven in studies and research that pigeons can differentiate among the words also after proper training.

10) They are problem solver and can perform various tasks like categorizing the common items and have very impressive visual skills meaning they can recognize their face in the mirror.

5 Lines on Pigeon

1) Pigeon is a medium-sized bird.

2) They can be black, white, or grey.

3) They have small feathers.

4) They are intelligent.

5) They eat small insects.

20 Lines on Pigeon

1) Except the region of Sahara deserts, Arctic and Antarctic pigeons are distributed all across the globe including Asia, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

2) The famous Passenger Pigeon is an extinct species of Pigeon.

3) The blue-black pigeon is found normally and is called a domestic pigeon.

4) Crowned Pigeon is the largest species of pigeon and is found in New Guinea.

5) In the olden days, pigeons were used to carry messages from one place to another.

6) The pigeon had been used as messengers during World wars by different countries.

7) It is the bird without the presence of a gall bladder in its body.

8) Pigeons can easily trace their home location as they are gifted with good navigation power.

9) Some species of pigeons are domesticated and used in sport like pigeon racing, weddings, and conveying messages.

10) Pigeons are symbolized as the birds of Good luck and prosperity.

11) Pigeon is a bird that belongs to the Columbidae family.

12) The word pigeon is derived from the Latin word ‘pipio’ that means ‘peeping chick’.

13) The colour, size and shape may vary for the different groups of species of pigeons. Some might have dull colour some very bright depending upon their diet and habitat.

14) Pigeons are the highly intelligent animal and can fly at the greater speed because of their strong wings as fast as 70 to 80 miles per hour.

15) Pigeons eat seeds, fruits, and plants as their food.

16) The female pigeon lays 1-2 eggs at a time and gives good parenting to their young ones with her partner.

17) The young ones of pigeons called squabs take 5 weeks time to fly.

18) Pigeons are birds with large strong wings with eleven primary feathers.

19) They have the habit of bobbing their head to see things clearly and constantly.

20) White Pigeon with olive branch represents positivity, happiness, and peace in Christianity.

As per the recent data from researchers approximately 20% of all the species of pigeons are facing the threat of extinction around the globe. Many important steps like laws for curbing the hunting of pigeons, setting up of the establishments like parks for conserving the habitat have been taken by the government in order to protect the species similar to pigeons.

After going through various facts and figures about pigeons, I firmly believe that pigeons can help humans in a lot of other ways because of their unique features which have yet not been explored for ages and it’s possible only if scientists and researchers would work in collaboration for in-depth analysis of pigeons as an amazing species.

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