10 Lines on Crow

Crows are the birds of unique features which you might have heard or seen on quite number of occasions across the surroundings. Crows are like social mammal who have innate ability to think, act, mimic and use different techniques and tools to get the food. They prefer to live in a group just like a family a large one and hunt together for food, shelter.

Crows are found across the globe in all the regions of the world and in every continent except Antarctica. Many scientists and behavioral biologists have done large number of experiments to prove the theory that crows are as intelligent and clever as child of age group seven or less.

Ten Lines on Crow in English

We have provided 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 lines, few lines and sentences on Crow in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for their proper understanding. You can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exams and in competition.

10 Lines on Crow

1) Crows belong to Corvus category of the species which also include ravens, rooks and jackdaws – species of medium size to large size birds.

2) Crowsare the birds with thick neck and heavy straight bill and are black in colour.

3) Lifespan of common raven (one of the species of crow) generally lies around in between 10 to 15 years.

4) The baby crows are called rookery and when they are in big groups often create loud noise.

5) Crows are omnivorous in nature and their diet includes fruits, mice, frogs, carrion, etc.

6) Crows can be found all over the world except Antarctica (due to extremely low temperature).

7) There are about 40 species of crow .The average crow measures around 18 inches in length.

8) The different types of Crows include Mariana crow, the fish crow, the carrion crow and the pied crow which has an area of white feathers on its body.

9) The common raven species of crow is one of the most widespread birds worldwide.

10) Rooks species of Crow are found across Europe and western Asia. They prefer open spaces, river plains and steppes as habitats.

10 Lines and Sentences on Crow

1) Across the globe there are different varieties of crows. Crows of west are slightly smaller than eastern crows.Crows are considered to be the most intelligent animals with the IQ level of non-human primates.

2) Crows have the reputation of damaging the crops as agricultural and grassland areas are their ideal habitats.

3) Crows are also known as spirit animals because they are the symbol of luck, magic and mysteries.

4) Crows are good learners, problem solvers and often tend to be very aggressive in comparison to other birds like hawks and owls.

5) Crows are cooperative breeders which means they stay close to the place where they were born.

6) The female crow lays 4 to 5 eggs and incubates them for 18 days. At 4 weeks baby crows become able to leave the nest.

7) Crows are common birds of agriculture fields, lawns, towns and forests. They generally thrive around people because of their social nature.

8) The researchers from America have found that crows can recognize individual human faces because of their cross-species social skills.

9) Crows have the regional dialects which they can deliberately change meaning they learn the flock’s dialect by mimicking the calls of dominant flock members.

10) Crows are emotional and have an excellent memory. They react to hunger and invasion by vigorously vocalizing their feelings. They display happiness, anger and sadness.

5 Lines on Crow

1) Crow belongs to the species of bird.

2) They are black in color.

3) They make a loud noise.

4) They are omnivores.

5) They can live up to 10-15 years.

20 Lines on Crow

1) Crow is a friendly bird that belongs to the Genus Corvus.

2) The Hawaiian and Mariana species of crow are enlisted as endangered species.

3) Crow has the immense curiosity to learn new things.

4) It is a social creature and tends to live in groups or families.

5) Crow provides good parental care to their young ones.

6) It is called an environment cleaner as it feeds on the garbage and decaying materials.

7) Crow has the capability to recognize human faces.

8) Crow is a bird with wisdom and has a good IQ level.

9) It communicates with other crows by making different types of sounds or calls.

10) Crow is considered as the symbol of bad luck or death in many cultures of the world.

11) Crow is a bird that is commonly sighted in almost every part of India.

12) It is of black, grey, shinning black colors depending upon their species.

13) Crow inhabit every region of the world except South America.

14) A strong body, sharp wings, two legs, and wings are the body features of a crow.

15) It is an omnivorous bird and feeds on a variety of things.

16) The average lifespan of a crow is 10-15 years.

17) There are more than 40 species of crow found on earth.

18) The young hatchlings of crow are called chicks.

19) Crows on the demise of any member investigate the cause of death.

20) Crow has been featured in many stories that are read by the children.

After reading the above facts about the crows as a creature I am sure that you would definitely be amazed with their unique characteristics and features as a bird. The use of tools by them like throwing nuts and stones for drinking the water, catching insects and beetles proves that they have the significant intelligence.

We have seen from the ages meaning from the period of dinosaurs to the present modern times any creature in nature is able to survive the change because of the intelligence. Crows are among the natural living things of considerable intelligence who have survived over a period of large time.

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