10 Lines on Ant

Ants are the small insects belonging to the Formicidae species family, with presence across the globe except for Antarctica and some of the remote islands. With more than 13000 species worldwide, ants are the strongest insects. ‘Ant’ is such a topic reading about which will fetch both fun and knowledge. Since it is an interesting topic, we have provided some sets of 10 points on ‘Ant’ below. You can read them and note down the important facts according to your need.

Ten Lines on Ant in English

Here, I’m providing 10 lines, 5 lines, few lines and sentences on Ant for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in form of sets. This topic is very useful for everyone who wants to know about Ant in detail within less time.

10 Lines on Ant

1) There are more than 1000 species of ants, including black ants, Fire ants, Garden ants etc.

2) The lifespan of average ant is 15 years; however, queen ants can have a span of up to 30 years.

3) The colonies of Ants can enrich the soil to helps plants to grow.

4) A queen ant can mate with winged male ant and lay eggs in large numbers.

5) Ants are largely omnivorous eating insects, dead animals, and nectar.

6) They communicate via sounds and chemical signals.

7) Ants are aggressive, and they attack to defend by biting and stinging.

8) They form a group in which the queen Ant remains a leader and other Ants followers.

9) Apart from forming the colonies on land, some of the species of ants can build nests on trees.

10) Ants release some chemical which helps other ants in following them.

10 Lines and Sentences on Ant

1) Ants collect and store a large amount of food for their colonies.

2) The unique navigation technique of ants allows them to travel in the night also.

3) Ants take oxygen in through the holes present on their skin.

4) They hear by sensing ground vibrations due to the lack of the ears.

5) Ants have two stomachs, one for preserving food and the other one for holding food for other ants.

6) The natural predators of ant are beetles, caterpillars, lizards and birds.

7) A study from American universities has found that ants had evolved 150 million years ago during the age of dinosaurs.

8) If the queen of the colony dies, the whole colony gets doomed in a month or a year.

9) Some fire ants have toxic venom which contains compound for treating the skin problem.

10) Ants in Africa help in the cultivation of seeds of the herbal tea and citrus.

5 Lines on Ant

1) Ant is a small insect.

2) They can bite.

3) They are found at home and outside.

4) They mostly move in groups.

5) They can be red, black, or brown.

20 Lines on Ant

1) Ant is very small insect that belongs to the family Formicate.

2) It inhabits almost every part of the world.

3) The size of an ant is approximately 0.08-1 inch.

4) There are almost 13000 species of ants found in the world.

5) Ants are of red, yellow, brown, and black color depending upon their species.

6) The outer body of an ant is covered by a hard shining structure called an exoskeleton.

7) Most of the ants we see roaming in the house are workers of the female gender.

8) Ants eat almost everything and thus stated as omnivorous.

9) It is provided with the excellent navigating ability so that it can reach easily to their nests.

10) Ant is the symbol of hard work and firm determination.

11) Ant is an insect that presents the highest degree of socialization.

12) It tends to live in groups called a colony.

13) The ants living in the colony are divided in different castes according to their works.

14) Every colony consists of a queen, workers, and drones ants.

15) The queen lays eggs and the workers and drones accomplish different works assigned to them.

16) Ant is capable of carrying foodstuffs 20 times heavier than their own weight.

17) Biting and stinging processes are the mechanism of defense in ants.

18) Ants communicate with each other through sounds, touch, and pheromones.

19) Ant plays a major role in reducing the pest population as well as soil aeration.

20) It is also consumed as food in some countries of the world.

Ants play a very important role in our environment; however, they can be harmful sometimes and can create economic losses. They also have a significant role in science and technology because scientists have invented lots of theories on optimization and robotics by analyzing their behaviour pattern.

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