10 Lines on Ant

Ants are the small insects belonging to the Formicidae species family, with presence across the globe except Antarctica and some of the remote islands. Ants are the most common species with unique social behaviour. They form huge colonies and have occupied almost every land space on planet earth. With more than 13000 species worldwide, ants are considered to be the strongest insects because they can lift objects much heavier (40 times) than their body weight.

Many people get anxious when they see the colonies of ants in their locality and they use various techniques for the control of the growth of ants for health and safety reasons. Ants are useful for the environment because they can eat various insects and dead animals ultimately acting as decomposers.

Let’s find below some of the interesting  facts which I am sure would enhance your knowledge and make your understanding better about the ants as one of the most eco-friendly  creature.

Ten Lines on Ant in English

We have provided ten lines on Ant in English for enhancing your knowledge of the ant as one of the most social creature on this planet earth. Further you can add these 10 points in your essay and paragraph writing in class or any competition or in any exam.

10 Lines on Ant - Set 1

  1. There are more than 1000 species of ants including black ants, Fire ants, Garden ants etc. varying in size and colours.
  2. Lifespan of average ant is 15 years; however, queen ants can live much longer and can have the span of up to 30 years.
  3. Ants can create huge colonies occupying millions of other ants. The colonies which are being built can enrich the soil which ultimately helps plants to grow.
  4. Ants use different ways of reproduction; the most common being asexual reproduction where queen ants lay eggs in large numbers. However, queen ants can mate with winged male ants (Drone Ants) to produce eggs (7 to 15 days to hatch in larvae) in the colony.
  5. Ants are largely omnivorous in nature and their diet includes insects, dead animals, and nectar.
  6. Ants have very unique way of communication via sounds and chemical signals. They release chemical which can be used as trail by other ants.
  7. Ants are considered to be aggressive in nature; when attacked they would defend by biting and stinging. The sting of many ants can be quite painful.
  8. Ants exhibit interactive social behaviour pattern meaning they form a group which has leader and followers. The leader is known as queen ant and followers are referred as worker ants.
  9. Apart from forming the colonies on land some of the species of ants can build nests on trees which are quite complex in nature.
  10. Ants can’t navigate on their own, they need some trails like chemicals released by other worker ants to get back to home (colony or nest).

We have provided another set of 10 lines on Ants (facts about Ants) so that you can use these interesting lines in your assignment, speech, presentation or any other competition in your school. Parents can use these points for their kids and children because the language used here is very easy and simple to comprehend.

10 Lines on Ant - Set 2

  1. Ants collect and store large amount of food for their colonies or nests .Since they can feed on dead insects and organic waste they are able to survive in difficult environment.
  2. The unique navigation technique of ants allows them to travel in night also. They can travel up to 400 metres and can get back to their nests or colonies quite easily.
  3. Ants don’t have lungs to breathe. They breathe oxygen through the holes present on their skin.
  4. Ants hear by sensing ground vibrations, as they don’t have the ears.
  5. Ants have two stomachs one for preserving food for own, other to hold food for other ants.
  6. The natural predators of ant are beetles, caterpillars, lizards and birds.
  7. A study from American universities found that ants have evolved 150 million years ago during the age of dinosaurs.
  8. Ants are very strange creatures. If the queen of the colony dies, the whole colony would get doomed in a month or a year because worker ants don’t have capability to reproduce on their own.
  9. Some fire ants have medicinal benefits; they have toxic venom which contains compound used for improving and restoring the skin health.
  10. Ants in Africa help in cultivation of seeds of the herbal tea and citrus .They store the seeds from forest in their nests which can be collected by humans.

Ants play a very important role in our environment as they can enrich the soil used for the cultivation of many useful plants; however, they can be harmful sometimes and can create economical losses if they invade important buildings and home of the humans. Many ants are being eaten by humans across different parts of the globe. Ants have significant role in science and technology stream, as scientists have invented lot of theories on optimization and robotics by analyzing their behaviour pattern.

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