10 Lines on Anna Malhotra

Indian Administrative Services, abbreviated as IAS, is a Civil Services Examination in India which is most preferred and reputed Government Service. It is a dream job for every Indian whether a male or a female but as we all know that, in earlier times in India, females were not allowed to have education so primarily no Indian woman dared to prepare for IAS examination. A lady from Kerala named Anna Rajam Malhotra was the first woman in Independent India to qualify in IAS (Indian Administrative Services).

Ten Lines on Anna Malhotra in English

In following 10 lines on Anna Rajam Malhotra, we are highlighting the few important facts about the life history and achievement of Anna Rajam Malhotra.

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10 Lines on Anna Malhotra – Set 1

1) Anna Malhotra was born on 17th July 1927 in Kerala state of India.

2) Her parents were Ottavelil O. A. George and Anna Paul.

3) She completed her 12th from Providence Women's College in Calicut.

4) After that, she earned the Bachelors from Malabar Christian College in Calicut.

5) Anna Rajam Malhotra pursued masters in English Literature from University of Madras in 1949.

6) Anna Malhotra joined the Indian Civil Service in the year 1950.

7) As a Civil Servant she opted for Madras cadre.

8) Anna Malhotra was married to Ram Narain Malhotra.

9) Anna Malhotra was awarded with Padma Bhushan in 1989.

10) Anna Rajam Malhotra died on 17th September 2018 at the age of 91.

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10 Lines on Anna Malhotra – Set 2

1) Anna Rajam Malhotra is the complete name of Anna Malhotra.

2) Anna Malhotra was the granddaughter of Pailo Paul, a Malayali author.

3) Anna had passed Civil Services Exam in the year 1950.

4) Thus Anna Rajam Malhotra became the first female IAS Officer of Independent India.

5) Anna was also the first woman to get a position in the Secretariat of India.

6) Her husband R.N. Malhotra also served as the 17th Governor of RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

7) Anna Malhotra had worked in Madras under the Chief Minister C. Rajagopalachari.

8) She had worked under seven chief ministers of Tamil Nadu.

9) After her retirement, Anna Malhotra worked as the director of Hotel Leela Venture Ltd.

10) During her recruitment, Anna was asked to choose Indian Forest Service but she stood with IAS.

Being in-charge of 1982 Asian Games in Delhi, Anna Rajam Malhotra had worked closely with Rajiv Gandhi. She had also assisted him in the Asiad project in 1982. Anna also had the privilege of travelling to eight states with Indira Gandhi to understand the food production pattern. Anna Malhotra is an inspiration for all of us and we hope her motivational success story should be taught for many years in India.