10 Lines on Summer Camp

Children are very impressionable, parents don’t really trust anyone expect for themselves to take care of these tiny little curious minds. Nowadays, with booming technological advancement kids have replaced stepping outside and playing sports with play station and video games. This not only negatively affects their physical growth but also affect their social skills.

Summer camp is the best opportunity for parents, to introduce kids to some outdoor skills in safe and trustful environment. Kids get to live with other kids of their age, which will encourage them to go out more in regular life.

Ten Lines on Summer Camp in English

Here we are providing a set of ten lines on Summer Camp in English for class 4, class 5, class 6 and class 7. After reading these lines you will know: when summer camps are organized, what skills and behaviours are encouraged in summer camps and what does summer camp entails?

You can use these lines to write essay on Summer Camp. These lines can also be used to write about your experience on summer camp.

10 Lines on Summer Camp – Set 1

1) A summer camp is supervised program for children and teenagers.

2) Summer camps are conducted during the months of summer vacation.

3) Summer camp creates a sense of solidarity amongst kids from young age.

4) Kids learn to trust each other and help each other.

5) Summer Camping offers outdoor challenges to kids in safe environment.

 6) Summer camps help kids to step out of their comfort zone.

7) In summer camps children learn basic survival skills.

8) Children get to learn about map reading, compass reading and fire-making etc.

9) Summer camps are amazing way for kids to learn good social skills.

10) Traditionally, summer camps involve woody places with hiking and campfires.

We are providing another set of Ten lines on Summer Camp in English for class 4, class 5, class 6 and class 7. After going through these lines you will know what qualities you can learn from a summer camp experience, what kind of activities are held in summer camps and how summer camps can help you achieve healthy lifestyle.

You can use these lines for writing essay on topics like- My Summer Camp Experience, Summer Camp and various other related topics. These lines will also help you convince your parents to allow you to go for summer camp, if they are hesitant to do so for any reason.

10 Lines on Summer Camp – Set 2

1) Summer camps are best way to encourage kids to be extrovert.

2) Camp life is fun way to introduce healthy lifestyle to kids.

3) Rising early, performing chores and teamwork becomes regular activity for kids.

4) The lifestyle that kids learn from summer camps, they apply it in their lives.

5) Learning new skills and making new friends helps them build self confidence.

6) With changing times summer camp activities have evolved.

7) Now summer camps include wider variety of specialized activities.

8) Adventure activities for kids are popular at the summer camp for age group 7-18.

9) Summer camp experience allows children to develop new skills in safe surrounding.

10) Kids get the opportunity to build their independent personality away from home in safe nurturing environment.

Here we are adding another set of Ten line on Summer Camp in English for class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8 and class 9. After reading these lines you will learn the purpose of summer camp, various kinds of summer camps in India and popular summer camp locations in India.

You can use these facts to make your essay on Summer Camp more informative, and score some brownie points for that. These lines will also help you decide which type of summer camp you might want to join for your summer vacation.

10 Lines on Summer Camp – Set 3

1) In India summer camps are inclined more towards skill development and capacity building.

2) The principal purpose of summer camps is educational, athletic and cultural development.

3) Robotics, Architectural and Science camps are popular amongst parents and kids who are curious and ambitious.

4) Wildlife, Yoga and Multi-Sports camp in various cities are prime example of athletic summer camp.

5) Music camp, Performing arts and religious camps are famous amongst culturally inclined parents and kids.

6) Famous summer camp sites in northern India are located near Himalayan foothill regions.

7) Rishikesh and Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh have some popular campsites.

8) In south India famous camps are organised in Coorg (Karnataka), Yercaud and Anaikkati (Tamil Nadu).

9) Various summer camps are held near metro cities as well.

10) Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Pune have various camping options available nearby.

Summer camps are important part of any kid’s childhood. Summer camps are where kids make happy memories and learn new skills that they proudly display in front of family and friends. A summer camp also helps you get away from digital world and spend time with nature.

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