10 Lines on World Senior Citizen Day

The life span of human beings passes through different stages. It includes birth, childhood, adolescence, adult, middle age, and finally arrives the old or senior age. When a person crosses the age of 60 years he/she is termed as a senior citizen in our society. Mostly the retirement period of the people is also 60 or 62 years. The senior citizens are not only senior by name but also senior in knowledge and experience they hold.

They need to be supported and respected by the people of the society. I have provided below the sets of ten lines on World Senior Citizen Day. It will enable the students and readers to know about the importance of celebrating this day.

Ten Lines on World Senior Citizen Day

Set – 1

1) 21st August every year is observed as World Senior Citizen Day.

2) It was declared as Senior Citizen Day in 1988 by Ronald Reagan the president of the USA.

3) The day was the first time commemorated on 1st October in 1991.

4) It marks importance to the senior citizens of the society.

5) It is meant to make people aware of different types of problems faced by older people.

6) The day is celebrated to pay our gratitude for the contribution and service to our society.

7) This day reminds the government of its duties for the welfare of the senior citizens.

8) The senior citizens deserve love, care, and respect from us.

9) The senior citizens are the storehouse of knowledge and experiences of life.

10) Several programs are conducted worldwide to raise awareness of elder abuse.

Set – 2

1) World Senior Citizen Day is internationally celebrated on 21st August.

2) The president of the United States of America Ronald Reagan founded it in the year 1988.

3) It is celebrated to bring the attention of people towards the different issues of the older people.

4) The day acknowledges us about the services rendered by the older people for the society.

5) Senior citizens are the most experienced people as they have lived longer than us.

6) They never expect anything big rather than our love, care, and respect for them.

7) People all over the world celebrate this day by spending their time with senior citizens.

8) The children give cards, gifts and spend their time with their grandparents on this day.

9) It is an effort to cheer up the senior citizens and help them to live a happy life.

10) It is a day to give tribute to the elderly people for their valuable support and sacrifices for us.

Older people are sometimes considered useless in society. It is because they are no longer energetic and need care. We should never forget that every one of us has to pass by the same experiences in our lives. We should understand the pain of the older people and also try to provide them the help they need in their life. It costs nothing in bringing a smile to the face of any old person and get benefitted by their blessings and love in return.