10 Lines on National Doctor’s Day

Everybody in this world wants to live a good and healthy life. A doctor is the name of the only hope during any emergency situations or whenever we suffer from any minute or severe health problems. It is very difficult to imagine a world without this form of god on earth. A doctor is only the profession that is considered next to god. We visit a doctor whenever we experience any types of problems related to health, pain, injury, etc.

We all are well known for the fact that the whole world has been suffering because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The efforts, dedication, and services given by the doctors during this period are speechless and commendable. In this relevance, here are sets of ten lines on National Doctor’s Day. I hope this might be useful for all the students in getting quick information about the topic.

Ten Lines on National Doctor’s Day

Set – 1

1) National Doctor’s day is celebrated to honor the efforts of the doctors for patients.

2) The day is celebrated by different countries on different days.

3) 1 July is commemorated as National Doctor’s Day in India.

4) It is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

5) He was a great physician of India and the second chief minister of West Bengal.

6) There is a provision of celebrating this day every year with a particular theme.

7) National Doctor’s Day in 2020 had been celebrated amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

8) The theme for the year 2020 was “Lesson the mortality of COVID-19”.

9) The emphasis was also laid on asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy.

10) This effort and dedication of the medical professionals were incredible during the Pandemic.

Set – 2

1) National Doctor’s day is a tribute to the doctors for their unconditional services to mankind.

2) It is observed by various countries while some declare this day as a holiday in respect of doctors.

3) Every year 1 July is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day in India.

4) It is celebrated to make people recognize the importance of doctors and thank them for this greatness.

5) This day came into significance and was celebrated in India as Doctor’s Day since 1991.

6) It marks the birth and death anniversary of a renowned physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

7) It has been recently declared as a state holiday by the Chief Minister of West Bengal from 2020.

8) The staffs of the entire health care organizations celebrate this day to honor the doctors.

9) A theme is linked with the celebration of Doctor’s Day every year in India.

10) The celebration is the best way of giving thanks to the life-saviors on earth.

The doctors are the greatest supporters in health emergencies. We can never forget the valuable support and dedicated service for the 24 hours of the day during the pandemic. They stood with us bravely without fearing their own lives and saved many of us from the death bed. Doctor’s Day is best meant to pay our gratitude to the entire medical professionals and thank them for the services and care they render to us.