10 Lines on Social Media – Boon or Bane

With the advancement of technology, social media is grabbing the race to reach many. From Facebook to Twitter, many people in the world prefer using social media for the sake of information and entertainment. Internet and social media have created a storm among the people. It takes very little for something to hit the viral boards of social media and creates hype.

But, whenever we talk about social media’s pros there lays cons, the negative effect.

Ten Lines on Social Media – Boon or Bane in English

Here, 10 lines regarding social media’s pros and cons are mentioned below.

Set 1

1) A social media is a website or a platform where people of different groups and communities share their ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

2) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other web sharing platforms are regarded as Social Media.

3) It allows people to communicate and keeps updating about recent events.

4) It gives people opportunity to share their thoughts by the mean of photos, videos and texts.

5) Social Media can be used as a good business promoter.

6) It helps to identify and reach the audience quickly.

7) Teenagers generally find themselves inferior as they believe that social media is their world.

8) Many people feel peer pressure just because they wonder to have lifestyles like their friends and known ones.

9) It creates a sense of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out.

10) People get addicted to it and spend their maximum time enjoying it.

Set 2

1) Approximately 4 Billion people use social media across the globe.

2) Out of the 4 billion social media users, around 530 million users are from India (as per 2021).

3) Facebook is the most used social media platform with over 2.7 Billion users worldwide.

4) Government uses social media to aware and inform people about any particular event.

5) Social Media helped people to meet their family members back as they used social media to find their loved ones.

6) The virality of social media can lead to conduct many events and programs.

7) There are many cases of cyberbullying came in past few years.

8) People feel quite isolated as they cannot find the physical person.

9) Since, the number of users is rising; the cases of Cyber Security have started pinching the users.

10) Many students get distracted from their school and work.

As everything has both negative and positive effects, social media too holds for the same. Social Media can be utilized for many good purposes, but as a fact, it is also true that social media can have adverse effects too. People from across the globe meet and talk with each other which is good but it can be dangerous at the same time too. Access use of social media can lead to affect the mental health of individuals. We must use it in a good way and take the advantage of its usefulness.