10 Lines on Parsi New Year

India is known for its culture, diversity, and tradition. One of the traditions is Parsi New Year which is celebrated by the Parsi people. Parsi New Year is also known as Persian New Year. Not only in India Persian New Year is celebrated globally. UNESCO in 2010 declared Persian New Year an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The root of the Persian New Year is 3000 years old.

Countries like Iran also celebrate this festival for 13 days. Let’s take a look at some extra facts related to Persian New Year.

Ten Lines on Parsi New Year in English

Set 1

1) Parsi New Year is celebrated on 20 March by the Parsi people worldwide.

2) This year Parsi’s New Year in India is going to be celebrated on 16 August.

3) It is an exciting day for Parsis and one of the important days for Parsis.

4) The Parsi new year is also known as Navroz.

5) This tradition was started in the 11th century.

6) It is celebrated by the Parsi community all around the globe.

7) It is celebrated at the onset of the new Iranian calendar.

8) Navroz has a meaning called new day; nav means ‘new’ and ‘Roz’ means day.

9) Navroz begins on the spring equinox.

10) Many countries declare this day as a holiday.

 Set 2

1) Countries like Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, etc celebrate Parsi New Year.

2) There are different names for this celebration.

3) Different names of parsi new year are Newroz, Nevruz, Navruz, Novruz, Norooz, etc.

4) It is also making the first day of ‘Farvardin’s’.

5) ‘Farvardin’ is the first month of the solar Hijri calendar.

6) People enjoy the festival with excitement and a lot of happiness.

7) Special kinds of food and desserts are made by the people to celebrate Parsi New Year.

8) People wish each other good luck on this day for the upcoming New Year.

9) Since the Parsi community is very small, they generally take care of each other.

10) Indian government is obliged to take care of the Parsi community.

Just like old flowers fall and new flowers come out, in the same way, every year the old year passes, the New Year comes. We people should see the New Year as a better occasion and make good use of it. Be it the Persian New Year or the year celebrated by Hindus or any year which is also known by other names, we should do something better by making a good start on this new occasion.