10 Lines on Simple Living vs. Technical Living

If we make a comparison between simple life style and life with technological gadgets we find that simple or natural living is best among the two. Living naturally leads to a life where there is no anxiety, no tension, no stress, and lesser health issues whereas technical gadgets make our life easy but complicated.

No doubt that technology has made things available by the few movements of our fingers but this leads us towards many dangers. The first far and wide impact of using visual gadgets is on eyes. The second is it develops laziness and further to ailments. But the way to live simply makes a man fit and sincere.

Ten Lines on Simple Living vs. Technical Living in English

Here we are going to compare two lives- a simple life and technical life. Nature leaves a deep impact on the life of the human being.

Living in accordance with the nature is much better than living a complicated life.

In technical way of living, a person has to develop her/ his knowledge technically as well as to spend money in lieu of purchasing the gadgets.

In the following ten points you will get the required information.

10 Lines on Simple Living vs. Technical Living - Set 1

1) In simple living, people have to build their habitats using things provided by the nature whereas for technical living people have to spend a lot of money on gadgets.

2) Simple people spend a simple life while lovers of technology have to live a hectic life in search of modern gadgets and tech.

3) Simple people eat natural things produced by nature in its pure form while tech. people have to eat processed food which is injurious to health.

4) Simple people have to do their daily chores by their own whereas tech. gives automation. It saves time and energy.

5) Many things can’t be done manually; a machine is needed for this purpose. A simple person may leave the desire in lack of that machine.

6) In simple way of living people curtail their needs. They can live without pomp and show in their life.

7) The other aspect of living is technological living, in which life seems to be easy. Every work is done by machines. Even they have not the need to open the door because this work may be done by a robot.

8) As we know grinding stones grinds the materials with some silica which is needed by human body for easy digestion.  Presently electric grinders are easy to operate but they don’t provide the precious silica.

9) Cooling machines provide relief to the body in hot season but they are the main reason behind the percentage increase in number of viruses making the person sick.

10) Tech. lovers have to make proper arrangements and schedules for the maintenance of the equipments while people living a simple life have no tension or stress on that issue.

Comparing the two lives, simple way of living and tech. way of living, we see that both have positive and negative aspects. In the period of scientific and technological advancement it is better to adapt the second because living simply shows that the person is not capable to use these machines. Here we will discuss on these two ways of life here under.

10 Lines on Simple Living vs. Technical Living - Set 2

1) Simple living is called the best way of living but considered as backwardness in many terms while people are adapting technology in their life.

2) A simple person knows the values of using things naturally whereas a technical person knows the value of machines which saves his time.

3) Natural things do not impose danger to life but using visual machines may damage our eyes.

4) A person living simple life doesn’t use electronic gadgets so he has no danger of radiation while a person using electronic gadgets may affected and more prone to it.

5) The quality of food cooked in machines decreases but by cooking on natural fuel gives the food more hygienic values.

6) The clothes washed in washing machines save time and energy but natural of way washing gives exercise of the body and the clothes survive for long.

7) A student living a simple life faces trouble in getting the required information but a student enriched with technology can find the answer in few seconds.

8) A lady working in kitchen can save her time with less energy spend but a simple lady has to do a lot in this procedure.

9) In the medicine world a simple person uses the traditional methods of treatments which don’t work in a quick instance while machines can detect the root cause and it is easy for the practitioner to prescribe medicines.

10) A simple person move from one place to another on a bicycle which provides exercises of leg muscles but driving a car is counted as luxury and can’t help the driver in any way.

Now we have compared the lives of two different kinds of persons. It now depends on the individual to adapt either of the two. Both have their pros and cons. Use of technology gives speed to the work and saves time whereas simple living leads to a happy and healthy life. But in modern time people love to live a life where there is an existence of gadgets by which they may enjoy their life.