10 Lines on National Sports Day

Every kind of game that we play or love to watch is termed a sport. It is a kind of physical activity that makes us fit and healthy as well as provides us enjoyment. Sports or games are necessary for every one of us to makes more energetic and optimistic in our life. Playing games gives regular exercise to our body, muscles, and brain. This makes us fit in both ways i.e. physically and mentally.

It is also a great method of reducing stress. Apart from making us healthier and fit it also teaches us some important skills of life. It is very important for the overall development of the students. The sets of ten lines on National Sports day will help you to understand the significance of observing this day. I hope it might be useful and sufficient to provide answers to different questions on this topic.

Ten Lines on National Sports Day

Set – 1

1) The National Sports Day is a celebration by different nations to give tribute to the players and sports played in the country.

2) In India, 29th August is observed as National Sports Day.

3) It is the birth anniversary of the famous hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

4) Major Dhayan Chand is the best hockey player to date and known for his excellent leadership.

5) He had bagged up many awards and medals in his playing carrier and made the nation proud.

6) In honor of the Hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand, his birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day since 2012.

7) This day is celebrated to make us aware of the necessity of sports in our life.

8) It also signifies the importance of staying healthy and fit.

9) The president of India distributes the National sports awards to all the winning players on this day.

10) National Sports Day 2020 celebration and award distribution ceremony was done virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Set – 2

1) National Sports Day is observed by various countries of the world on different dates.

2) India celebrates the National Sports day on the 29th of August annually.

3) The day marks the birthday of great Indian hockey player Major Dhyan Chand.

4) Major Dhyanchand had made notable achievements in the sport of Hockey.

5) This day is celebrated as the birthday of Major Dhayan Chand since 2012.

6) He had brought great glory to India in the field of Hockey by winning medals thrice in Olympics.

7) Several schools celebrate this day as their annual sports event.

8) Sports events like marathons, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, etc. are organized nationwide on this day with greater participation of children and people.

9) The National Sports award like the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, Dhyanchand award, Dronacharya award, and Arjuna award are given to the winning players by the President of India.

10) The ‘Fit India Campaign’ launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great step to encourage everyone for adopting physical activity to remain healthy and fit.

Sports are equally important as education in our life. It is important for us to be healthy and fit along with scoring good marks in exams. Sports and games are not only meant for the students but it is important for people of every age. Playing games makes us healthier and inculcates in us some important qualities of life like teamwork, confidence, healthy competition, leadership. We should take out some time from our busy scheduled life to play games regularly. It will help us in making ourselves fit and free from diseases.