10 Lines on National Pollution Control Day

The whole nation is fighting a battle with increasing pollution. Every country is working hard to remove it from the Earth. In order to highlight the issues of pollution, it became important to discuss this topic on a large platform. On observing the various effects of pollution, one day is remarked as “National Pollution Control Day” in India.

Ten Lines on National Pollution Control Day in English

Here, I’m providing sets of ten lines on National Pollution Control Day and various activities that took place on that day. I have tried to keep language very easy so that you can understand this topic quickly.

Set 1

1) National Pollution Control Day is celebrated on 2 December.

2) It is celebrated in memory of people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

3) It is celebrated every year to keep the pollution concern alive.

4) The main aim of this celebration is to spread awareness regarding increasing pollution.

5) A special program is organized this day to offer tribute to people who died in this tragedy.

6) Many NGOs organize speeches, seminars, etc to spread public awareness.

7) On this day, rallies have been organized in cities like Bhopal, Mumbai, etc.

8) This day aims to increase the adoption of pollution control techniques.

9) Many schools and colleges celebrate this day by planting trees.

10) The theme for the year 2020 was “raise awareness about the importance of pollution control and educate people on how to prevent pollution”.

Set 2

1) The Bhopal Gas Tragedy took place in the midnight of 2 December 1984.

2) It is a national event which is celebrated every year in India.

3) Many people take pledges and oats on this day to reduce pollution.

4) About 7 million people die every year due to pollution.

5) The objective of this day is to control pollution due to industries and human negligence.

6) This day brings concern about air, water and noise pollution among citizens.

7) This day makes people aware of industrial disasters and accidents.

8) This year will be the 37th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

9) This day is marked as a reminder of the harm caused to the environment by human activities.

10) National Pollution Control Day is an occasion when the public can discuss the effect and ideas to prevent pollution on a large scale.

The Bhopal gas tragedy was the world’s biggest industrial disaster in which about 2000 people died instantly. However, the effect of poisonous gas is still seen in the people of Bhopal. Therefore, it became important to make people aware of various industrial accidents. Proper precautions should be taken to avoid these types of hazards.

I hope the above given 10 lines on National Pollution Control Day would be helpful for you.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on National Pollution Control Day

Q.1 What was the cause of the Bhopal gas tragedy?

Ans. The Bhopal gas tragedy was caused by the leakage of Methyl Isocyanide from the Union Carbide factory (Union Carbide India Ltd – UCIL) in Bhopal.

Q.2 Which is the biggest industrial disaster in India?

Ans. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy is considered as the biggest industrial disaster in India, in which about 15,000 people died.