10 Lines on Mathematics

The subject of mathematics is the wonderful creation of human beings in this universe. If we see all around us mathematics is involved in everything and every phenomenon on this earth. Most of us develop the phobia of studying the subject of mathematics from the beginning of school studies itself. There have been several inventions in the field of mathematics since the Vedic period itself.

I have provided some sets of ten lines on this topic. I hope you will find it interesting to read and it might help you to get knowledge about mathematics.

Ten Lines on Mathematics

Set – 1

1) The subject of mathematics is called the game of numbers.

2) We study this subject from the kindergarten level in schools.

3) It is the subject that requires logic instead of the rote learning process.

4) Mathematics gives us the knowledge of quantity, numbers, space, shape, and change.

5) The concept of mathematics is involved in everything that we do.

6) It is the subject of great fun and enhances our problem-solving skills.

7) Mathematics teaches us different smart ways of solving numerical problems.

8) Students need regular practice for developing a good understanding of this subject.

9) The process of solving different types of mathematical problems is a good exercise for our brain.

10) Archimedes is entitled as the father of mathematics.

Set – 2

1) The subject comprising of several patterns and formulas with diverse application in all fields is called Mathematics.

2) It is the subject that requires the concentration of mind for solving problems.

3) The logic of this subject helps us in getting the solution to real-life problems.

4) Pure Mathematics is concerned with calculation, counting, and measurement solving skills.

5) The applied part of mathematics has its role in solving practical problems in different fields.

 6) The birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan on 22 December is celebrated as “National Mathematics Day”.

7) The motive behind celebrating this day is to remind the great contribution of the renowned mathematicians.

8) Mathematics as a subject was first time introduced by the ancient Greeks.

9) It is used in predicting the price of anything in this world.

10) Mathematics if understood well is the most loved subject by students and is scoring too.

There is an enormous contribution in the field of mathematics by Indian mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Varahamihira, etc. The wide application of mathematics makes this subject essential in every field of life. This is only the subject that has a similar concept for the people of the entire world. It is not expressed in different languages. Students studying this subject with greater concentration from the beginning develop greater interest in this and are able to understand the logic and fun hidden in this subject.