10 Lines on Kabir Das Jayanti

India is the birthplace of several famous personalities who are recognized worldwide. There have been many popular poets born here who have spread the fragrance of their poetry throughout the nation and world. Sant Kabir Das have been a great poet and philosopher who is known worldwide for his beautiful poetry work. His poetry and Dohas are filled with great lessons of life. Students must be well aware of this great philosopher and poet as they would have been taught Kabir’s Doha in their classes.

His poetry work was very efficient in bringing a change in society and nation. This year in 2021 Kabir Das Jayanti was celebrated on the 24th of June. In the same reference, I have brought two sets of ten lines on Kabir Das Jayanti. I hope it would be an interesting and quick method to give you knowledge about Kabir Das Jayanti.

Ten Lines on Kabir Das Jayanti

Set – 1

1) The birthday of Sant Kabir Das is observed as Kabir Das Jayanti.

2) Kabir Das Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy throughout the nation.

3) The great saint Kabir Das was born in 1440 A.D. in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh.

4) He was brought up by a Muslim couple named Niru and Nima.

5) His birth anniversary is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Hindu month Jyeshtha.

6) The mentor of Sant Kabir Das was Saint Ramananda.

7) Sant Kabir Das is regarded as a famous spiritual poet of India.

8) He was a great poet and also a social reformer.

9) His creations emphasized that there is only one god.

10) He spread the message of harmony among all religions.

Set – 2

1) Sant Kabir Das Jayanti is also referred as Kabir Prakat Diwas.

2) It is celebrated to pay gratitude to the most renowned poet and his contributions.

3) The day is celebrated very gracefully in Varanasi that is the birthplace of Kabir Das.

4) Bhajans and kirtans are organized in different parts of the nation on this day.

5) People celebrate this day by singing and listening to Kabir dohas.

6) Processions called ‘Shobhayatra’ are taken out by Kabir panthis in the memory of Sant Kabir Das.

7) The important teachings of Sant Kabir Das are recited at Kabirchaura Mutt.

8) Bhandaras is also arranged on this day for poor and needy people.

9) Several programs and seminars are organized by schools and colleges to commemorate the event.

10) Sant Kabir Das was loved and respected by every people of every religion.

Sant Kabir Das was a very legendry poet of the 15th century. His work and teachings made him a great spiritual poet in the world. He also highlighted the evils present in society by his work. He wanted people of all religions to live with peace and harmony. He died at the age of 78 in the year 1518. It was the death of his body but he is still alive in the hearts of people in form of his beautiful creations. Kabir Das Jayanti is a grand celebration that takes place once every year. The day is commemorated with great fervour and Joy not only in India but in different parts of the world.