10 Lines on Draft Bill for Population Control

Uttar Pradesh, a very densely populated state with a population of 24.1 Crores in 2021 (as predicted) has an enormous speed of increasing population. Uttar Pradesh comprises 16.5% of India’s total population. Thus to regulate the increase in population and aiming for sustainable development; access to quality education, economic opportunities, livelihood, power for domestic consumptions, and many more other things, the Uttar Pradesh government has proposed a Population Control Bill 2021.

There are several responses coming from various parties and people on this upcoming bill. Let’s take a quick view of this proposed bill and the important facts of this section.

Ten Lines on Population Control Draft Bill in English

Set – 1

1) The Draft of the population control bill is proposed by Uttar Pradesh Government.

2) The state law commission of UP is working on to control and stabilize population in the state.

3) The Draft bill was introduced on World Population Day; 11th July 2021.

4) Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state in India.

5) Some states like Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh have already passed this bill.

6) One of the intentions of the government is to promote two-child policy with this bill.

7) The provision of the bill will apply to the married couple whose boy is not less than 21 and girl is not less than 18 years of age.

8) There are many incentives for public servants which are proposed to be given in this bill.

9) Section 7 of this bill states the benefits for the people below the poverty line and having only one child.

10) This bill has both incentives and disincentives for the public servants as well as common people.

Set – 2

1) The Uttar Pradesh Government has sought a response by July 2021 from the public on the Population Control Draft Bill.

2) This bill proposed that if a person has more than two children he/she is not eligible to get any government job.

3) There is a ban on subsidies and contesting polls for couples having more than two children.

4) A person with two children will get no benefits from Govt. Welfare Scheme.

5) No relaxation will be given in the case of polygamy and polyandry.

6) In case if parents have gone through sterilization they will get extra benefits.

7) In a sterilization case, one will get benefits like additional increments, the exemption in government housing schemes.

8) The government employees following the two-child norms will be benefited.

9) People having two children will get exemption in the water bill, home loan, and electricity house tax, etc.

10) The government employees adhering to the one-child norm will also get special benefits stated in the bill.

If we look at both sides of the coin, we would find that the draft bill of population control has a long effect on citizens of Uttar Pradesh; this will not only clarify the vision of people living in Uttar Pradesh but also give them a sensible thought to plan for their future. As there are limited and fewer ecological and economic resources in UP, we need to plan sincerely for the upcoming decades for healthy growth and development.