10 Lines on International Cooperation and Convention Centre Rudraksha

The relationship of India and other countries has benefitted us in many ways to date; one of them is the relationship of India with Japan which has turned out to be a good deal for Kashi (Varanasi) as well. Long back on 12 Dec 2015 when Japan’s President Shinzo Abe visited Kashi, various deals were signed between Japan and India, one of the deals is the project on the new International Cooperation and Convention Centre “RUDRAKSHA”.

The ideology of naming this centre Rudraksha is somewhere related to Lord Shiva, as Kashi is a symbol of Lord Shiva’s land.  Being the largest convention centre in the country Rudraksha is set to be a changer for Kashi’s development. Here are some points which can tell you more about Rudraksha:

Ten Lines on International Cooperation and Convention Centre Rudraksha in English

Set 1

1) Varanasi is now blessed with a new convention centre, Rudraksh.

2) The convention centre will be a centre of attraction for many event.

3) On 14th July 2018 the work for the build-up of this convention centre was started.

4) On 15 July 2021 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi the convention centre was finally inaugurated.

5) The outer surface of this convention centre has 108 rudraksha embedded in it.

6) The convention centre has facilities like underground parking, advanced features of audio-visual etc.

7) This convention centre is a two-storey convention centre with a capacity of 1200 people.

The development of this centre has been done by the Japanese company “Fujita Corporation”.

8) The convention centre can be used as an auditorium, music concert events, exhibitions etc.

9) Japan and India combined together to form the project on this convention centre.

10) The agreement on this convention centre was done between Japan and India.

Set 2

1) This convention centre is the biggest convention centre in India to date.

2) The building is an eco-friendly building.

3) The convention centre enhances the relationship between Japan and India.

 4) The rooftop of this convention centre has a design of “shivling”.

5) When Shinzo Abe, former president of Japan visited Kashi a deal between India and Japan was done.

6) This convention centre has various features that are attracting the citizens of Varanasi.

7) The design is also prepared by the Japanese company Oriental Concentral Global.

8) The centre is under the Varanasi International Cooperation and Convention Centre.

9) The budget for this was 200 crores under the Japanese ODA scheme.

10) It also has smaller spaces that can be used when required.

The deal which has done between these two countries, the Japan and India relationship will become stronger after this deal, because this convention centre will represent both culture and tradition of Japan and India. Not only on a cultural aspect but this convention centre will also be a game-changer for economic benefit. The citizens of Kashi will also get the benefit from this convention centre.